Much of the church in America has become more and more like the world…….No wonder many South Korean Christians came to America this month to pray for a GREAT AWAKENING IN AMERICA! We need help!

The Southern Baptist Convention must clean up its act! It has put a stain on the Bride of Christ! Sex abuse is not only a problem in the SBC, it is like a plague in too many churches in America. THIS IS SO VERY APALLING!!! Satan is having is way with many. There is no way to cover up these sins like the Southern Baptist Convention Sexual Abuse Task Force Modifies Recommendations in Advance of the Annual Meeting and Catholic Church tried to do for years! The Catholic Church and Sexual Abuse, Then and Now.  I have had it! All this is doing what Satan desires, chasing people away from GOD’s church! Sexual abuse perpetrated against a child is a deplorable reality of living in a sin-stricken world. The psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical damage of the abuse remain long after molestation has ended. The Bible speaks vehemently against hurting children and against sexual sins and perversions of all kinds. It also offers hope for healing and forgiveness. With a flurry of sexual harassment claims in the news and with many well-known people admitting they have sexually harassed others, this topic has probably never been so widely discussed. Believers in Jesus Christ strive to have a biblical worldview in all things, including the issue of sexual harassment.

First, a legal definition of terms. Sexual harassment is any unwanted sexual conduct. In the workplace sexual harassment typically involves unwelcome advances offered as a condition of employment or that create a hostile work environment. Sexual harassment can also occur in academic and religious situations.

Sexual harassment can take the form of personal comments; sexually charged language, jokes, and gestures; indecent exposure; displayed pictures; persistent, unwanted flirting; or threats of physical harm. No matter what form it takes, sexual harassment is a violation of the biblical principles of modesty, purity, and respect for others. Any “sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient” (from the U.S. Department of Justice website) or forced physical contact moves beyond sexual harassment to sexual assault. IT IS MAKING A VERY HARD FOR OTHER PASTORS AND CHURCHES!!!!  ALL NEED TO SEEK THE FACE OF JESUS!!! My Daddy had a saying for things like this, “Clean up your own backyard before you try cleaning up someone else’s.” I really beleive that when JESUS returns He will be tipping over tables in many churches! dad also used to say, “Shape up! Or Ship out!”

Here at FGGAM we are a Great Commission Ministry. In our recent Great Commission trip to California we heard from so many folks, “I hate organized religion.” We also heard , “No, I do not go to church.” And, “The church is not for me.” You see the church as a whole in America has inflicted much damage on many and also itself. We also hear this often: “Pastors got into politics and accepted evil politicians.” YES! Many pastors got behind misbehaving politicians, I hear that all the time, still do to this day. I have always been involved in the political process, but you have to make sure your not supporting evil folks, vet them with God’s Word! Who is there Pastor? Do they bear fruit? Are they active in their church? BE CAREFUL, SEEK JESUS FIRST, NEVER PUT YOUR POLITICS BEFORE GOD!

(RNS) — Ed Litton, the outgoing president of the Southern Baptist Convention, has a few words of advice for his successor.

Buckle up.

“The thing about the Southern Baptist Convention — and I’ve been doing this a long time — you never know what’s going to come up,” he said.

Starting on Tuesday (June 14), Litton, a longtime Alabama pastor, will preside over the annual two-day meeting of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. More than 8,200 local church delegates, known as messengers will gather.

When Southern Baptists Meet Next Week, Anything Could Happen

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Enjoy a long life

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