America is dying……

Satan is having his way with many in America, so many are off the track and blinded by Satan, walking in such darkness, many do not even know it!

Why is America full of evil?

“So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts” Eph 4: 17, 18.

The Scriptures call the mind of the natural man “blinded” 2 Cor. 4:4, “depraved” Romans 1:28, “corrupt” 1 Tim. 6:5, and “unspiritual” Col. 2:18. The natural mind thinks from a humanistic, sin-debased viewpoint. The viewpoint of the flesh directs its thoughts. The sinful mind is under the control of Satan and can never please God because it concentrates on things of the world and not things of the Spirit. The natural mind walks the road of hopelessness and self-destruction.

OH AMERICA! As you bicker between yourselves Satan is having his way with so many in your country. You are very sick, in the ER, you argue, you spew hate against each other as you watch precious souls being shot to death. You have not taken care of each other. Many people need help. Many families in America have been ripped apart by Satan. What are you going to do? The Church has a huge role in this in carrying out The Great Commission and reaching the lost. You have to start some where. You have to try to reach those that are suffering. There also was a double homicide in Albuquerque, which sees murder after murder every week. What are you going to do? What does JESUS think about what you are doing to help stop this? I try to share the love of JESUS with all people and let them know I care. I also pray for America constantly. We all have to help in some way and pray to JESUS what we are to do. America needs JESUS! Our Country is dying. Our future is bleak. Seek JESUS and HIS WAYS that is the only answer. Treasure your family, keep the family unit so very close to JESUS! America is at war.

I told Sharon after the Texas massacre, that we would have another this week. All businesses and schools need to have armed guards at the entrances and manage how many doors that will be open to the public. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN, EMPLOYEES, PATRONS AND YOURSELF!


Tulsa police described a “catastrophic scene” inside a medical office building in south Tulsa where five people died and multiple more were injured during a mass shooting on Wednesday afternoon.

‘Catastrophic scene’ inside south Tulsa medical building where five people died in mass shooting

Dr. Jim Denison Reports In other news, the man accused in the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, has been indicted on more than two dozen charges. And the victims in Uvalde are being remembered and honored as burials continue this week. I could go on. Dr. Jim Denison: Have scientists discovered hell?

2 found dead in SW Albuquerque home

APD seeks information on shooting that killed 13-year-old girl

APD: 2 teens charged for making threats against middle school

Tony Evans says America is facing God’s judgement because Christians are ‘cultural,’ not ‘biblical’

FGGAM Shares a Biblical Worldview Everyday:

“The Biblical worldview says there is a God—One who is personal, powerful and caring—who created the world and everything in it. It states unequivocally that man is created in God’s image, living in essence as God’s co-regent over creation. Mankind—born and unborn, rich and poor, able and disabled—has intrinsic worth. Almighty God is a sovereign God, ruler over nations, states, empires, and governments. He is to be worshiped and obeyed through the precepts and principles revealed in His infallible Word. He not only exists, but He is sovereign over all of history according to His wisdom and purposes, and He is intimately involved in every aspect of life.”

This is been an ongoing message from FGGAM. GOD’S JUDGMENT ON AMERICA! THE WRATH OF GOD! We stand for God Almighty. We stand accountable before God. The American Church must do the same! Where and how did so many Pastors and Churches get lost? We have warning about this for almost 18 years! Watchman on the Wall. Almost 8 years at KKIM Christian radio in Albuquerque an it will be 10 years this August at FGGAM. We have not been silent about this failure. We are not for Hollywood productions and high school pep rallies that have overtaken much of the Church! Where are the mature Pastors?? Where are the mature Christians?? Where are the Baptisms? I am sadden by Pastors here in New Mexico that turn the other way when I talk about holding TRUE REVIVALS!  We are for SALT! SALT! The Church in America has been overtaken by the sugar cookie jar! I have said this for years, I am not a popular guy in the ‘elite Christians groups,’ never intend to be, I am with God Almighty! Just think of all the sex abuse in the Church, the Catholic Church now the Southern Baptist Convention and other denominations! HORRIBLE! GOD IS NOT HAPPY!!! HE IS ANGRY! GOD will have the final say on all this mess! Daddy used to tell us kids to ‘clean up our own back yard before you try and clean up someone else’s.’ Too much of the Church is showing an unbelieving world what it wants to see from Christians! UGLY BEHAVIOR! And it is all right before all of our eyes. GET CLEAN! GET PURE!

How folks did your Church baptize last month? Years ago, Veteran New Mexico Pastor Don Kimbro told me that our problem is that the Church is not baptizing enough people, growing the kingdom of God and raising up mature Christians.

Matthew 5:13, says, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” This verse is talking about the expectations of discipleship.

The Christian Post Reports:

NASHVILLE — Moral and societal issues are worsening across the United States because Christians are becoming more “cultural” than “biblical,” and the country is facing God’s judgment as a result, according to pastor and bestselling author Tony Evans.

“We’ve been more cultural Christians than biblical Christians,” Evans, the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, told The Christian Post in a sit-down interview.

Tony Evans says US facing God’s judgement because Christians are ‘cultural,’ not ‘biblical’

New Mexico You Are Bad! Many Thoughts This Morning! We Are Failing God! A Texas minister helps fly dozens of women to New Mexico every month to get abortions

Why is God judging us?  

Dr. Tony Evans Evans states, “I think one of the things we’re facing now is the judgment on America because of the failure of the church to be the people of God that represents his kingdom more than we represent the nation.” This is because, as he states, “We’ve been more cultural Christians than biblical Christians.”

The abortion industry thrives in New Mexico. The people of New Mexico are allowing this to happen because the majority of citizens vote for anti-life politicians. We now have legalized pot and now’ fly in’ abortions! Don’t forget home delivery of booze, free college, rebate checks….What a State! And we expect to be blessed???? You expect this state to thrive? New Mexico has more problems that Carter has liver pills. Old guy saying I know! I am so very confused by the state of New Mexico. God blessed us with such a beautiful state, the most beautiful state I have ever lived in, and the people are so very, very nice. It is where I became a pastor. BUT! We have allowed evil to take over. My friend Tina Dziuk gave me the heads up on this story, it was one that is hard for me to swallow, very hard. Tina sent this to me on Sunday, so it has taken much talking to the Lord about this report, before I post it. It makes me sick to my stomach, the killing of God’s precious babies. It is not only New Mexico, but all of America is falling. Read More Here: South Koreans are coming to America to help us pray, American Pastors faith in God is falling. It is a very, very sad thing for this old man to witness. Me and Sharon put all our trust in God Almighty. Too many Americans are trying to get on the throne God, thinking they can rule over God Almighty. Hell to pay for that.

I was talking to one of my  friends yesterday about the governors race here in New Mexico. We agreed the best candidate does not always win. The top pro-life candidate is Ethel Maharg, she has run a ‘peoples campaign’ or as I like to call it a ‘grass roots’ effort. No doubt where Etjhel stands. Does New Mexico care? Governor Lujan Grisham is so very anti-life, but more and more of my friends, who I have counted on since my radio news days say, Grisham may pulls this race out of the hat as she continues to give away money. The governors tv ads point that out very nicely. Free college, rebate checks, etc….Only 30% of New Mexicans pay income tax. Poverty rates are highest in the states of Mississippi (19.58%), Louisiana (18.65%), New Mexico (18.55%) The majority of the folks live off the government here in New Mexico. Will things change?

Every time someone sneezes, Biden and Lujan send money. That is ther best campaign message to a failing America, a sinful America. The proof is in the pudding!

The Church in America as a whole is failing God. It is not taking care of His children, abortions, mass shootings, child abuse, child hunger, NO BABY FORMULA????? Come on ow! That’s worse than a  third world country! I still cannot beleive this happened in my America! I can hear God saying, “Why have you done all this to my babies?” SHAME ON US ALL FOR ALLOWING THIS!!!!  I am unpopular with so very many, as I look at the world from Biblical Worldview, not a political worldview. I hold myself accountable to God. God speaks to me almost every moment of my life, the Holy Spirit is my messenger. Only 6% of Americans have a Biblical Worldview. You are seeing right before your eyes what happens when a country leaves God. CHAOS! In this message you will find that the majority of Pastors in America no longer have a Biblical Worldview. Sharon and I will stand as strong as we can and follow the Lord till our end. We will not be bashful about GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

We present the facts from a Biblical perspective, not a political perspective.

A Texas minister helps fly dozens of women to New Mexico every month to get abortions

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