PRAY TEAM JESUS! Tragedy in New Mexico! Many Homes Destroyed in Mora County, Hundreds Flee as Fire Rages On!


We prayed over one of the greatest tragedies in the history of New Mexico in my time here. This years wildfires and drought. The Los Alamos fire was horrible, Los Alamos Wildfire of 2000 and this spring is also horrible in the devastation of wildfires in New Mexico. It is only May! The biggest fire is approaching 140,000 acres, that largest fire in America right now, I heard a report that it is expected to at least reach 200,000 acres, but we pray not! Many have lost their homes, my heart breaks. We continue to pray for rain. I am very disappointed that the Governor does not call for daily prayer for rain.

Hundreds flee Mora County, as many homes burn in wildfire

Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire: 138,000 acres burned, mandatory evacuations underway

Oh Lord, we’re in such bad shape here in New Mexico, so many do not know you Lord here in New Mexico. We pray many will come to you we pray for repentance and forgiveness of sins! New Mexico expects You to bless this state, but we are terrible sinners .Oh Lord we’re in such bad shape my heart breaks, only you can save the state. We murder your children here in New Mexico through abortion and shootings, we have become such a lawless state. oh Lord we need you, but many go down the road with Satan. The fires are so bad Lord, many are losing homes and dreams for a better life. So many homes and ranch land have been destroyed. Lord I pray many come to know you through this on going tragedy, in Jesus name we pray, Amen

The New Mexico House Republican Caucus shares deep concern for every New Mexican affected by the fires that are devastating so much of our state. To the citizens of Mora, Las Vegas, and surrounding communities, currently under evacuation orders, we are receiving updates on the fire and share our deepest sympathies and concerns for the crisis your communities are facing. We are thankful for the tremendous work that our firefighters and emergency responders are doing in the face of these destructive fires. Please remember to follow all official guidelines on evacuations and safety measures.

Here are a few links with information for resources for those affected by the fires:

Statewide NM crisis line:  1-855-NMCRISIS (855-662-7474)

Farm and Ranch Losses:

Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire:

Legal Assistance:

Property Loss Recovery Through DHSEM:

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