I was at the softball field last night when Sharon texted me the results of the KOB poll. I was a bit surprised by the the huge lead by Ronchetti, 44%! I figured he would lead the pack, but not by that much. He has the name recognition, money and a big political machine behind him, which concerns me. The thing that shocked me was how poorly Dow did in this poll, at just 9%. BUT! I have said from the start she lacks name recognition in the state, but she has spent that second most money in the race, ads not effective? Jay Block is a man that really has impressed me on the issues, and looking at his record as a Sandoval County Commissioner, he impresses me even more. I have heard so many good things about him from friends, but he gathered just 12%. I am sadden that abortion does not appear to be an important issue in this election, as my dear friend Ethel Maharg got just 2% in the poll. Does this mean abortion issue is not important to the Republicans? Too me, abortion is the biggest barrier between New Mexico and God. Is the majority of the GOP in New Mexico afraid of the abortion issue? I believe God is angry, and His wrath is simmering. Greg Zanetti, at 10%, never responded to our opportunity to share his views with our FGGAM family. I think his challenge is to be able to relate to voters.

That is my rundown on the results of the poll, it shows name recognition and money rules.

Poll: Mark Ronchetti leading GOP candidates for governor

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