BREAKING: High Winds Mean Wildfires Have Worsen in New Mexico: New Evacuation Orders!



Prayers for all!

Widfire Update: New Evacuation Orders!

HELP US HELP THEM!WHAT-Community Outreach for the wild-land firefighters and displaced families
When- Friday May 13th 11:00am-7:00pm
Where-Luigi’s Restaurant and pizzeria
6225 4th st 87107
Please consider a donation for our community in need.
Here are some items to consider,
1st Responder Needs
Their food and water are provided for
Hygiene items
Dude Wipes
Regular wipes
Eye drops
Healthy Backpack Snacks
Granola bars that don’t melt 🙂
Beef Jerky
Stamped postcards
There is no phone service
Needs for those who are in shelters:
Canned goods
coffee & Creamer
peanut butter
fresh fruit (not easily bruised)
shelf-stable milk
spaghetti sauce
Hygiene Items:
Feminine toiletries
Shaving gels
body wash
new socks
Paper Goods
Paper Towels
Disposable utensils
toilet paper
paper towels
Cleaning Items
laundry/soap pods
Dish Soap
cleaner – Lysol
Pets/Farm Needs
dog/cat good
hay for larger animals
(new or gently used & clean)
Gift cards
Gas Cards
From this morning:

It is going to take years for people to recover from the wildfires in New Mexico, some never will. This is one of the greatest tragedies ever in the state, wildfires 2022. We are in very bad shape. High winds and low humidity are feeding a massive fire in New Mexico. It is only May, no rain in the forecast. ACCU WEATHER REPORTS. New Mexico should shut down for a day, be in Church and seek the Lord for rain. U.S. Drought Monitor. My heart breaks looking at all the destruction. A friend went through the Las Vegas area yesterday and said it is just a horrible scene. The fire is inching closer to Los Alamos. NM FIRE INFO. It all just breaks my heart. Don’t forget about these fire victims: Ruidoso mayor says housing a concern after McBride Fire

Strong Winds Fan the Flames of Wildfire, More Evacuations in Northern New Mexico

Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire: Evacuations in place for some communities in Mora County

Wildfires taking a long-term toll on Wildlife

Fire officials utilize New Mexico’s water supplies to fight multiple wildfires

Cloud seeding is becoming a more important resource amid drought

Pastor Richard Mansfield Leads in prayer……….

Heavenly Father, we continue to pray faithfully for our brothers and sisters throughout New Mexico that are in the path of the wildfires. We especially pray for the northern part of the state around Las Vegas, Mora, Chacon and other communities that have been devastated with the fires that continue to burn and spread. I pray that You would quiet the winds and send rain to add moisture in the ground and refresh those firefighters that are fighting this blaze. Pour out Your peace over the individuals that have endured great loss of their homes, buildings and equipment on their property. Thank You for sparing lives but we pray that these wildfires come to an end very soon. I pray that the firefighters, first responders and all those fighting this blaze and ministering to these communities be renewed every day with energy, wisdom and insight to fight this fire in the safest manner possible. Reassure everyone of Your peace, power and presence I pray in JESUS name, Amen🙏🏼

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