Jesus: Forever the Easter Lamb of God




Bob Kauflin

Jesus is The Easter Lamb of God

Why continue to refer to Jesus as the Lamb, even after he has risen from the dead? Because it is as the sacrificial Lamb that Jesus is worthy of praise, satisfied God’s wrath against us, triumphed over Satan by removing his ability to accuse us and secured our reconciliation with God (Rev. 5:9Rom. 3:21-26Col. 2:13-15Rom. 5:10). Because Jesus became our substitute and received our punishment at the cross, he fulfilled every sacrifice that had previously been offered in the Old Testament. His was the last and final sacrifice, the once and for all offering that will never have to be repeated.

Jesus: Forever the Easter Lamb of God

Billy Graham’s message for Palm Sunday:

Today, Christians around the world are celebrating Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem (which we usually call “Palm Sunday,” because the crowd welcomed Him by spreading palm branches in His path). Those who greeted Him were convinced He was the Messiah (or “anointed one”), sent by God to establish His Kingdom on earth.

Why did the crowds turn against Jesus so quickly? One week they welcomed Him, and the next week they demanded He be crucified.

Billy Graham addressed this important question numerous times in his My Answer column.

“No events in human history were more important than Jesus’ death and resurrection, and yet many people (even Christians) never take time to study them.

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