Inflation is climbing even higher, making it harder and harder for Americans to keep up with their bills


Filling the ‘JESUS CAR’ with gas to minister is the highest since we started in ministry. We all feel the pain! The car was not even on empty and it took almost 70 bucks to fill it up. The common folk in America, like you and me and Sharon really are feeling the pinch. The bank account goes down much faster now.

Gas prices and the cost of groceries are skyrocketing in America and it will only get worse in the coming days…..a doctor friend of mine said to me, “Inflation is a tax on the poor.” I would say that inflations is a tax on the common folk in America. This hits us hard. We are challenged by a murder rate that is climbing to record levels in America, the FBI says the rate is 30% higher than it was a year ago, violence is raging, Dr. Jim Denison Reports: An intensive manhunt is underway at this hour for the man who set off smoke grenades and fired a handgun on a crowded Brooklyn subway train yesterday morning. Ten people were hit by gunfire, making the shooting the worst in the history of the New York City subway. Another thirteen people suffered injuries related to the attack. Society is ripped apart by politics, corruption at the highest levels in our government, past and present. Experts recommend that all children as young as 8 years old should be screened for anxiety to combat a growing mental health crisis.  The majority of America has left God.

We have more problems than Carter has liver pills……..(OLD SAYING I KNOW!!)

The latest numbers show inflation is climbing even higher, making it harder and harder for Americans to keep up with their bills and pay for essentials like food and gas.

Today’s Consumer Price Index shows inflation reaching its highest level, soaring 8.5% over the last year – the biggest year-over-year increase since 1981.

The White House tried to get out in front of the shocking report, warning that today’s number on the Consumer Price Index would be exceptionally high.

Inflation Escalates Yet Again Spiking to a Whopping 8.5%


From FAITHWIRE!!! I so much love to read Billy Hallowell’s posts!


Ken Ham CEO of Answers in Genesis and founder of the Ark Encounter attraction in Williamstown, Kentucky, believes a simple explanation drives our ascending cultural chaos and secularization: society’s substitute of God’s word for man’s whims.

“What’s happening in our culture today is really nothing new,” Ham said on CBN’s “Faith vs. Culture.” “In fact, it’s a battle that’s been going on for 6,000 years.”

‘When You Start to Attack the Word of God…’: Ken Ham Breaks Down Single Problem at Center of Our Chaos

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