The Broken-Hearted Pastor


Oh My! I needed to be ministered today, as I have been doing so many funerals, seeing so many broken hearts, it has broken mine. I do not know if people realize how funerals can effect a pastor. I could write a book on what I have learned from God and people over the last two years, as I have done more funerals in that time period than the past 13 years. I have three funerals to officiate in the next few days. Pastor Darryl Dash really touched my heart when he wrote, “If you’re a pastor, you’re going to have to learn to pastor sometimes as a broken-hearted pastor.” For sure.

If you really listen to God and people, you can learn so much about God’s ways and the ways of all people. It makes you a better person. It is the best education you can get. I am so blessed to be in God’s school, and not the school of man.

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