Secret Shame… Angel Murchison’s Latest Book


Secret Shame…

Good morning beautiful people. It was twenty-seven years ago, I felt the call from the heart of God my Father, to pen my memoir.
My book is written from a heart of love, and you can pre-order your signed copy directly from me if you would like. 
This book will be released on November 29, 2022 to the public and will be available in major stores and bookstores globally. Pre-orders are being taken on many different sites as well, currently. A free-ebook edition will be available for you or a friend with the purchase of this printed book.
My prayer is that many will be healed and bring healing to others that are suffering in silence. Jesus loves you beautiful people. He is not mad at you, and he longs to bring healing to your hurting soul. There is a short Bible Study attached at the end of this, easy to read book, as you seek him personally, for your own healing.
I dedicated this book to my aborted son, Jeremiah Isaac Murchison. A life that will never be forgotten.
This book is for every person dealing with shame. Abortion was my shame along with  others, but maybe you are struggling with another secret, another shame. Your healing is in Christ alone. Shame is not your portion. As a child of God, lift up your head for you were created in his image. Let God himself set you free. Amen? Amen.
Whom the Son sets free is free indeed! John 8:36


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