Satan has Putin…….

Pray Team Jesus for peace! My heart is broken. Putin is just like Hitler……..he has gone mad. He is demonic, Satan has complete control of him. Spiritual Warfare is rampant at this time in the world, the most I have seen in my life.

Help Me Understand: Spiritual Warfare—The Devil

What is a Demon?

SPRITUAL WARFARE: Inside the shocking survey showing majority of U.S. Christians don’t believe Holy Spirit Is real (podcast)


In a speech at a packed Moscow stadium Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that the “special military operation” in Ukraine is an effort to “save people from genocide” and to “demilitarize and denazify” the country.

During his appearance at the pro-Russia rally, which marked the eighth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Putin also quoted Scripture. “There is no greater love than giving up one’s soul for one’s friends,” he said, paraphrasing Jesus’ words from John 15:13.

Vladimir Putin’s Pro-War Rally Focuses on Russian Patriotism

Putin Quotes the Bible During Pro-Russia Rally in Moscow

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