PRAY TEAM JESUS! Aid worker with CBN’s Orphan’s Promise ministry has been kidnapped in Ukraine

Prayers to Pray from Head to Toe
Prayers to Pray From Head to Toe

War is hell, some of us wake up in peace, I think of all those facing demonic Putin’s warfare. We must seek the face of Jesus constantly in praying for all these in the war. Pray for peace, please Team Jesus. Pray for all those that are being kidnapped and separated from their families. We are in WW III. Hard for me to see Ukraine fighting alone, despite the sanctions and aid, they are the only ones standing down in their country as we all watch the slaughter of so many. It pains me so very, very much. Many of us are spoiled with what we have. If you have a roof over your head and food you are super blessed. I pray we all are thankful to JESUS.

An aid worker with CBN’s Orphan’s Promise ministry has been kidnapped in Ukraine.

The woman’s name is Valentina, and those close to the situation report eyewitnesses saw the kidnappers throw a bag over her head when she was abducted.

Russian forces are believed to be behind the kidnapping. Russian troops have besieged the area where Valentina lives, and she had been helping with the distribution of food to people who are hiding in bomb shelters.

URGENT PRAYER NEEDED: Orphan’s Promise Aid Worker Kidnapped in Ukraine

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