Who Will be the Next Governor of New Mexico? GOP Candidates Down to 5


We moved here in 1995 and fell in love with New Mexico. What breaks my heart daily is all the abortions, skyrocketing murders, child abuse, child hunger, poverty, drug overdoses, suicides, so much corruption, the state is being destroyed by evil. The list of evil is long. When we moved here, many people at the radio station would make fun of their own state. I had never heard that before. I have worked radio in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana and never have heard people really make fun of their home state so much. We love the people and the awesome land that God has given New Mexico. But, we hate what people are doing to the state. Why do the people of beautiful New Mexico put up with so much dysfunction? The Dems and GOP have failed to turn the state around for years and years. The last GOP Governor lied to me on the radio, made me sit in the lobby of her office for over an hour for a scheduled one on one meeting, then cancelled. Governor Martinez was not a nice person at all. I did not get an invited to her famous ‘pizza party.’ Governor Martinez’s famous Pizza Party. Such an embarrassment to the state. DISGRACE! Too many scandals in her administration, too many taxpayer payouts to monkey business under her watch. Just because you are a member of the GOP does not make you a good person. Same goes for being a Dem! It is sad, but most elections in America have come down to voting for the lesser of two evils. As a news reporter for KKIM Christian Radio I was treated badly by some people from both parties. I will not be writing a book!!! LOL! LOL!

Who can turn this state around? Who will look to God Almighty for guidance? Who will take care of our babies, Children, our future? Who can help lead the state and get rid of much of this dysfunction? The GOP needs to remember it is the minority party in the state. In the Church we are commanded by Jesus to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION. The GOP needs to get busy and gain members. Not an easy task.  I spoke to a group of folks a week ago who had not heard of any of the GOP candidates for governor. I find that more often than not.

The GOP had 8 years under Martinez to turn the state around and they failed.

The two most powerful people at this time in the state are Governor Lujan Grisham and Speaker Brian Egolf. The GOP is outnumbered at this time. Can one of the GOP candidates for governor turn the state around? Can the GOP defeat the power of Lujan Grisham and Egolf and their deep money sack? Can a Republican connect with the common folk of New Mexico? We have a good core of GOP Christians in the Legislature, they are just outnumbered. The majority of people in New Mexico continue to vote for ant-life politicians.

I have stated for years that abortion is the evil that stands between New Mexico and God. Until abortion ends in New Mexico and our entire nation, we will struggle. I do not know why God has not spit us out of his mouth for the constant killing of his babies. There is only one candidate running for governor who has and is standing strong against abortion and that is GOP candidate Ethel Maharg, who is the Director of Right to Life.

The Right to Life is for everybody. When is the last time you have read The Ten Commandments? If you will take the time today and read them, you fill find, ‘Thou Shall not kill.” Sadly, it breaks my heart that many, many Churches do not even post the Ten Commandments anymore, but many sure do have the latest sound systems!!! When is the last time you have heard a sermon on THE TEN COMMANDMENTS?

The commandment “thou shalt not kill” (found in the KJV Bible translation of Exodus 20:13), also listed as “thou shall not kill” is better understood in the New King James Version Bible.

“You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13, NKJV throughout).

To kill someone is not the same as murdering them according to the Bible. Murder is the unlawful taking of a human life. The command not to murder applies to human beings and not to animals. God gave animals to mankind for his use (Genesis 1:26 – 30, 9:1 – 4). But, this does not mean that humans have the right mistreat animals and the environment (Genesis 2:15, Deuteronomy 22:6 – 7, 25:4, Proverbs 12:10). The Ten Commandments

Francis Shaeffer said, “Every abortion clinic should have a sign in front of it saying, “Open by the permission of the church.”

A lady posted this on my Facebook page yesterday. I have not asked her if I can use her name, its early 4:30am, so I will not.

We have got to convince Christians to STOP SITTING AT HOME ON ELECTION DAY! The democrats have been in control of our round house for NINETY YEARS. Oh, we’ve had a few Republican governors, but that doesn’t matter as long as the DEMOCRATS are running the show in Santa Fe. If we want change, we need to get out and vote, and NOT for the democrats!

Your outnumbered GOP, what are you going to do about?

Who Will be the Next Governor of New Mexico? From The ABQ Journal

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