NM Dems Remain Soft on Crime! Hello Governor? SHAME ON YOU!


What’s the deal!!!??? The Governor shouts from the rooftops and says, “If your breaking the law we’re coming after you.” That is what she said when she sent the State Police to Albuquerque last year to help with violent crime. BUT NOTHING HIS HAPPENING WITH HER BUDDIES GETTING LEGISLATION PASSED TO TOUGHEN UP OUR LAWS! Meanwhile the thugs continue to have their way in the state. Violent crime is increasing all over New Mexico. The Governor seems to me, is hanging her glory on giving teachers a raise, which is way overdue, but cannot get anything done with her Dem buddies on murder. If I’m Jesse James I’m going to hide out in New Mexico!

Abortion is off the radar of the Governor……Shame on her on her buddies! Abortion is the greatest barrier between New Mexico and God. It is a down right shame that many do not value the life of God’s babies, and that many are silent on this issue, including many Pastors. My stance on abortion makes me unpopular even in Christian circles. Shame! There is no hope for America until we stop killing God’s babies.

FGGAM received this news release yesterday:

Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt, Blasts Passage of Senate Bill 43
Legislation would allow some offenders guilty of murder to be released in 15 years
SANTA FE — The New Mexico Senate today passed Senate Bill 43 on a 23-15 vote. If enacted, the legislation would prohibit serious youthful offenders convicted of murder from being sentenced to life without parole.
After visiting with multiple victims of violent crimes and their families, Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt (District 40-Sandoval), opposed the legislation and released the following statement:
“The Democrat’s ‘tough on crime’ legislative session has turned into a ‘soft on criminals’ fiasco. It’s very revealing that the first piece of crime legislation to clear the Senate is a bill that would reduce the sentence for those convicted of heinous murders—allowing some capital felons to be released in as few as 15 years. This bill is a slap in the face to the victims and families who will be severely impacted by this misguided policy. The Governor said she wanted to get ‘tough on crime’ after 117 murders in Albuquerque. I guess it will take more than that for some of my colleagues to do the same. I urge the House to reject this bill and the Governor to veto it if it makes it to her desk.”
They cannot even agree on ankle monitoring!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who voted for these fools? I see no end in sight to the murders in New Mexico. NO DETERRENT!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I am constantly getting emails from the Mark Ronchetti campaign for Governor! WHY? I never okayed receivership!!! Why do these folks think it is okay to send me emails??? It is like a GOP candidate from last years election leaving yard signs at my house! I never gave the okay to that! I am tired of politicians begging for money. I am an Independent. Ronchetti’s emails sound like that of a used car salesman or what ever..get a hold of this:


The deadline to join Mark’s newly-reopened Founding Member team closes in 24 hours, and we still haven’t heard from you! All you need to do to join the most important inner circle of our team all you have to do is chip in $25.00

Yep! What a gimmick! NEW REOPNED FOUNDING MEMBER!!!! LOL! He wants money! LOL!

I even get this junk from the Governor, almost every week.

I am so sick and tired of politicians. My prayer is for servants of the people to come forth. I pray for more grass root candidates and Independents. America needs a strong Third Party. I pray for servants of the people. Getting the peoples business taken care of. MONEY IN POLITICS IS EVIL! Politics is the playground of Satan, for sure! Look where is has gotten us1 I can smell hell from here. It is the failure of both parties, the last 7 years or so, have been the worst in my lifetime.

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