New Mexico Man Charged With The Killing of Little Boy, Surrenders to Law Enforcement


This whole situation is like a kick in the gut to the entire state of New Mexico. Lives changed in seconds when this thug drove widely by the River of Lights and struck an killed a precious little boy, 7-year-old Pronoy Bhattacharya in Albuquerque. Albuquerque is a lawless city. Satan is having his way with so many, many! Innocent people are being killed like Pronoy, businesses are being robbed by thugs constantly. It is way, way our of control! How about the business owner who was shot and killed last week!!!! Second suspect arrested in massage parlor murder, robbery

These thugs who drive these four wheelers down the streets of Albuquerque need to be in jail! Clean up the streets Mayor! Take away their vehicles!! Sell them at an auction! Clean up the Judicial system in New Mexico and America! How about action and stop the nothing noise! More innocent people are going to be killed in Albuquerque. The thugs in New Mexico seem to have more rights than the everyday, honest citizen in this state! This is why the quality of like in New Mexico and the entire nation is going to hell.

You better be very thankful that anybody wants to be an Law Enforcement Officer in our Country! My goodness!

I am very sick and tired of politicians saying they are going to solve this evil! Only when people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior will crime begin to go down. In the meantime many politicians say they will reduce crime! HOGWASH! NOTHING NOISE! The Church needs to speak out on this violence in New Mexico and America!!!

Some of these thugs should go to Gitmo for a very long time!


APD: Sergio Almanza was in Mexico before surrender

Parents of boy killed in hit-and-run speak out following suspect’s arrest

Postal Workers are not safe in Albuquerque: 3 postal workers robbed in Albuquerque, USPS offers $50K reward for information

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