I decided to be an atheist, now the rest of the story…….


I have known Rick Wrisley since 1986. He was a hoot to work with! We had a lot of fun in our radio days at WCMR/WFRN in Elkhart, Indiana. At that time he was know as Rick Carson, that was his radio name. Rick was program director and morning man at WCMR for many years. I asked Rick to share is testimony with the world. God Bless you my friend! Much love to you and your precious wife Brenda. By the way…take another close look at the picture of Rick. I see his deep love for Jesus, I see a man seeking the face of Jesus, I see a man of deep faith. I bet Brenda took this picture, she is such an awesome photographer!

Here is Rick’s testimony………

I grew up in the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church and was confirmed at 14. Like so many young people I had a head knowledge of Jesus but not a true relationship. As I grew into adulthood I drifted far from God. In my late 20’s I decided to be an atheist. The problem I had was the harder I tried to disprove the existence of God the more I came to realize that it’s the only thing that made any sense. I regained my head knowledge of Jesus. In my early 30’s we lived in Biloxi Mississippi where I was the morning man on a country station. I was a 3 pack a day smoker who had tried unsuccessfully to quit numerous times. I started experiencing heart palpitations and my doctor explained that the nicotine was affecting my heart function. As I walked out of the medical center I looked to the sky and said “God if you really care about me take away my desire to smoke”. That was February 2nd 1978. From that very moment to this very day I have never craved a cigarette. I approached God in less than a respectful manner and still He answered my and profoundly changed my life. My wife and our 2 sons moved to Indiana where I went to work for a Christian broadcast company. The FM station plays Christian music while I was in charge of the AM station and were a family friendly country station. During that time Dewey Moede came to work for the company and a wonderful friendship began. During those years Christ became the center of my life. I became involved in a discipleship program and became a Sunday school leader and now in my retirement I deliver new RV’S and vans and trucks to the country. God is not my co-pilot. He’s my pilot. Jesus is always with me in my travels protecting me, providing me comfort and assurance of His love and presence in my life. Jesus has so blessed my life with Brenda, my bride for more than 52 years. With all the evil that is going on in the world I am so looking forward to His return. So ready to hear the sound of the trumpets. So ready to see His beautiful face in the sky as he comes to take us home. Yes I’m the chief of sinners but because of His sacrifice on the cross I am saved. I love you Jesus, I love you Heavenly Father, I love you Holy Spirit.

God Bless you all, Rick Wrisley in Elkhart, Indiana

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