The following AWESOME NEWS is from our Mentor and Vice Chairman of FGGAM, Pastor Bill Ruhl! Pastor Bill and his angel wife Monica, pictured above, have been through much, they both have recovered from COVID and NOW THIS WONDERFUL BLESSING FROM GOD:
The God of wonders is still at work.
He is faithful in all things.
My PSA numbers had been doubling every three months since my prostate cancer surgery almost two years ago. It reached 6.9 in July 2021, then in September it dropped to 0.69. My doctor called it an anomaly that he couldn’t explain and I responded, “I can… It’s answered prayer!” He said, “Let’s check it again in 3 months and see.” So today I got my latest test result back… PSA 0.63!
Oh, He’s a good, good God!
Thank you Pastor Bill for sharing this precious news with us! As I like to say, God is still in the miracle making business! BELIEVE! GLORY!

PTL!!!!! We continue to pray for all those that are ill, and all the families that are losing loved ones at this time. Let us love each other more than ever! Let everyone see JESUS in us. Please pray for our Dear Sister Connie Blan in Clayton, New Mexico that her eye sight returns! Connie is healing from COVID, we pray for complete healing, thank you LORD that Connie is healing and feeling much better, we await the MIRACLE REPORT! Amen! Lord for precious Dakota in Windom, Minnesota. This little girl and her Mommy has been through so much Lord, but you have been with her and her Mommy, now the latest report from the Doctor’s was a setback, but our faith is in you LORD! We pray for complete healing for Dakota!


Evangelist and author Anne Graham Lotz — the daughter of the late Rev. Billy Graham — said Friday God has “answered our prayers” as her daughter is scheduled to be released from the hospital after unexpectedly suffering two heart attacks.

“God has heard and answered our prayers!” Graham Lotz wrote in a Facebook post alongside a photo of her daughter, Rachel-Ruth. “Join us in praising Him! He has surely been an ever-present help in times of trouble.”

‘God Has Heard and Answered Our Prayers’: Anne Graham Lotz Shares Good News After Daughter’s Heart Attacks

PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to keep our faith, we have to keep our faith in God and pay attention to all the miracles that happen everyday! Read this miracle story and those below! PTL!!! Think of those that put their lives on the line to save people everyday! Please do not take them for granted. Also, there are everyday people like you and me that are called by God to help folks through whatever they are facing. There are so very many unsung heroes in the world! Just pay attention…to that goodness….look and see….everyday people helping others.

‘I Did What I Had to Do’: Woman Saves Baby’s Life After Car Plunges Into River

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