Lawless New Mexico: Who is going to stand up for our Children? Why do New Mexicans elect so many anti-life politicians?

Please pray for the baby that was critically injured last night in a drunk driving crash.

I so much love God’s children, they bring me great joy and hope for this world. When I see another story like this it breaks my heart. Booze kills. Lives are lost and families changed forever in seconds. Now pot has been legalized in New Mexico, this just adds to the fuel to this EVIL FIRE of addiction. I strongly beleive that when a person is driving drunk they should never have a car and license for 4 years, with a second offense, they would never be able to own a car, or drive a car for the rest of their life. Driving is a privilege, not a right. If a person is driving drunk and kills someone they go to jail for life. The deterrents are not in place to stop this evil, they are to weak. Why do people feel they have to drink booze? To make them feel cool? One of the reasons we have become a lawless nation is the deterrents we have in place for murder, robbery, etc.. are very, very weak. We do not have the back of our Law Enforcements Officers. We have to put an end to REPEAT OFFENDERS! I have my doubts of any legislation that comes out of this years New Mexico legislature is going to help at all. Whatever they do will cost the taxpayers much money, but I have little confidence anything they do will help our dire situation. They are afraid to get TOUGH! This is a state that is afraid to tear down CYFD and start over! What a rate hole!

Another child is injured in New Mexico because of drunk driving…

Infant, 2 injured in overnight drunk driving crash

Gov. Lujan Grisham registers to be a substitute teacher

Report: The pandemic’s impact on New Mexico families

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There is a large portion of New Mexico and in America that loves to feed addictions. I have stated for years that I am against Pot! Booze! All Illegal Drugs! Home delivery of Booze???!!! Are you all crazy for allowing this!!!??? All these evils are mind altering and do great damage to the human body over time! For heave sakes! How Pot Affects Your Mind and Body Affects of Booze to the Body The Governor and her team can smell the cash from pot sales, they have already spent in their dreams, I am sure. Using the weaknesses of humans to make money is very sinful. New Mexico already is failing our children through abortion, child murders, kids killing kids, parents killing their own, suicides, child abuse, child hunger, poor education etc…..Don’t get me started on CYFD!!! I would not let them take care of my pet mouse! What a hell hole! God is not happy at all with New Mexico! How can God Almighty be?

This must be okay with the majority of New Mexicans! They keep electing anti-life politicians! This is horrible!

I have said from the start this recreational pot is going to might a nightmare for our Law Enforcement and citizens. Watch crime go up! This is not fair to our heroes! They are overwhelmed now!!! So very foolish! But this happens when people just focus on MONEY!!! Follow the money on all this!!!

Social Security Tax Repeal Moving Forward, New Mexico is One of Only 12 States That Taxes Social Security Benefits

I am praying this passes! Taxing Social Security is so very, very WRONG! I am also praying that the state rebates tax payers this year with the states treasure chest. PUT MONEY BACK INTO THE TAXPAYERS POCKETS!!! STOP SQUEEZING US!!!! I am very concerned where all the money the state now has will go down more than one rat hole. Who will be the good stewards of OUR MONEY?

FGGAM received this news release from the New Mexico GOP at the Roundhouse:

Santa Fe – The state’s taxation of social security benefits might soon be a thing of the past. Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R-Carlsbad) and Rep. Gail Armstrong (R-Magdalena) are once again co-sponsoring legislation to repeal the tax New Mexico places on social security income. They pre-filed House Bill 48 and are guardedly optimistic the bill will receive the approval of the legislature and governor this session.

“Sometimes it takes years of hard work to achieve passage of legislation,” said Brown. “Representative Armstrong and I have been working tirelessly for six years to repeal this tax. It’s unfair that our senior citizens are subjected to two points of taxation:  at the front end, when they make contributions into the Social Security system, and then later, when they draw their benefits.”

“We have had some bipartisan support for the repeal in years past,” said Armstrong, “but not nearly enough.  Democratic legislators, by and large, were dead set on keeping the tax in place.”

“What’s different this year is that the Governor has come on board,” said Brown. In her State of the State Address on January 18th, she endorsed the idea of repealing the tax. “We are delighted to have her support, and perhaps her endorsement will translate into the votes needed to finally provide tax relief for seniors.”

According to Brown and Armstrong, the state’s taxation of SSI is a known disincentive for people to retire in New Mexico.

New Mexico is one of only twelve states that taxes social security benefits.  Nebraska recently joined the ranks of states that are removing the tax.

FGGAM received this news  release late yesterday:

Republican Party of New Mexico Files Lawsuit Against New Congressional Redistricting Maps



Albuquerque, January 21—Today the Republican Party of New Mexico filed a lawsuit in New Mexico’s Fifth Judicial District Court challenging the partisan and illegal gerrymandering of our state in newly approved Congressional redistricting maps. The maps carve up and extend Congressional districts to give Democrats a political advantage in future elections.

The newly approved redistricting maps dilute Republican voting strength.

The lawsuit is being filed by Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Schreck of Albuquerque, which is also handling the redistricting suits in Colorado.

RPNM Chairman Steve Pearce released the following statement on the lawsuit:

“Immediately after the 2020 election, Speaker Egolf announced his intention to implement a partisan redistricting of our state to reverse Republican gains. Last month, he followed through on that threat. The Democrat’s cynical attempt to consolidate their power by abusing the redistricting process in New Mexico is illegal and wrong. We are bringing this suit to protect the voices of all New Mexicans regardless of their political beliefs. New Mexico statute provides for a non-partisan commission to listen to the people across the state and then submit redistricting plans to the legislature. The commission held public meetings, many people participated, and maps were submitted from that body to the state legislature. And yet after months of hard work and hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars spent by the Citizens Redistricting Committee, the Democrats tossed all of that away and jammed through an illegal gerrymander that ripped apart communities of interest, disenfranchised voters across the state, and set up maps where the intent is to let Albuquerque have all 3 congressional representatives. Through this suit we will stand for fairness, the rule of law, and the core principles of our democracy.”

Roadrunner Food Bank: Research shows that about one in four children are at risk of hunger, One in six New Mexicans overall

This irks me so very much! I have had teachers tell me that many students come to school hungry and they cannot concentrate and learn like that should be able to. There are 3,000 homeless children enrolled at APS. This has been a problem in New Mexico for years! It breaks my heart. Now we are suffering from higher food prices! There are many reasons for child hunger in New Mexico, too many homes have been ripped apart by crime and drugs. New Mexico, like all of America has moved away from God.

New Mexico is abusing God’s children through abortion, never giving so many babies a chance to live their life. Abortion is the greatest barrier between New Mexico and God. ‘Thou shall not kill.’ Do you have the Ten Commandments posted in your home and Church? Do you teach them? Do you model them? Do people see Jesus in you? New Mexico is being controlled by anti-life politicians.

What are you doing for the children of our state and nation?

Roadrunner Food Bank seeing increased need with rising food prices, 1 in 4 kids at risk of hunger

Caught on camera: Break-in at Albuquerque flower shop

Albuquerque officials hope to expand Violence Intervention Program

APS: More than 10,000 students were absent Thursday

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