‘Pastor’ Arrested, Charged for Imprisoning Eight People in Basement


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Why do you I post stories like this? To make all aware to VET YOUR CHURCH AND PASTOR with the WORD OF GOD! Just like I have said for years, look at the fruit, Tragically there are too many in America that ABUSE GOD AND HIS PEOPLE! This shows an unbelieving world just what it wants to see from Christians. It does great damage to the Body of Christ. This why a Pastor has to have a strong Board and accountability group. We all need a strong Pastor and a group of folks that hold us accountable. I could go on and on with the bad experiences I had in Christian radio over the years as ‘so called Christians’ took advantage of me and my staff, even lied to us and not paying their bills. I always have said, someday I should right a book and the good and bad of Christian radio and TV. All my experiences have made me such a better man of God, I know God has trained me up for years and years to be where I am at today. God has provided my angel wife Sharon to me, and I can say this, over 100 mentors and the same, who hold me accountable.

Stay accountable to God and have mentors and folks that HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE!

A call for medical assistance last week led authorities in Griffin, Georgia, to a disturbing scene. When first responders had to break a window to reach a patient having a seizure, they discovered at least eight people “essentially imprisoned” in the basement. Curtis Bankston, 55, was charged with false imprisonment, and additional charges are pending. His wife, 56-year-old Sophia Simm-Bankston, also is expected to face charges.

False Imprisonment: What Authorities Found at the Home

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