Pandemic Shift: Many Christians Have Returned to Church, They’re Just Going to Different Congregations


If you know me at all, you know I love to study the American Church, the state of affairs, by research, creditable research for sure! CBN does a great job on this overview! The fact that many folks have changed Churches is the one fact that got my attention along with the number of Pastors who left ministry, astounds me!

After dealing with the ups and downs of the COVID pandemic for almost two years, many Christians across the country are back in the pews attending worship services once again. But many aren’t going to the same churches they started with.

The pandemic propelled people toward life changes of all kinds over the past two years, including career shifts, new relationships, and relocation. And that includes new churches too.

More than 4,000 churches closed in America in 2020. Over that same time, over 20,000 pastors left the ministry.

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