Windom’s Christmas Treasure All Year Round!


Christmas spirit is how someone acts who loves Christmas and shows it by being kind to others year round. Also, it is the spirit of wanting to give and help people in need. People who have Christmas spirit are cheerful and happy about celebrating to birth of Jesus Christ year round.

Thank you Tiffany Benson for visiting Windom, Minnesota prayer warrior Clara Nelson and sending me the picture at the very top! Clara is 94 years young! Thank you Tiffany for giving her a Christmas card from me! Its awesome that I grew up with part of your family on 11th Ave! I’m thankful to know your heart for people! I want to be like Clara when I grow up! My prayer is more folks from the Windom area will become strong, faithful prayer warriors like Clara. Clara exhibits the Christmas spirit everyday! Minnesota Hall of Fame Coach Franz Boelter credits Clara for helping bring him to Jesus! So many have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior over the many years because of Clara’s guidance in Windom! Clara is such a godly treasure for Sure! I see Jesus when I look at her! Clara is a role model for us all! A Windom treasure! I have the blessing of talking to Clara from time to time on the phone, and when we speak about the problems of the world, she always says, “Jesus is the answer to everything, the Bible tells me so.”

I pray for more prayer warriors in every village, town and city in America! I also remember my friend, the late, Lena Connelly, (pictured above on the left sitting in the front row with Sister Margaret Montoya’s arm on her) from the Church of God in Los Lunas where I served as Associate Pastor to Pastor Jim Montoya for a couple of years. Lena was in her 80’s when I met her and she was another awesome prayer warrior. She would always tell me, “I can’t do much now, but I pray all day for all the people passing my house by car. I also have my prayer list of people I pray for everyday.” WOW! What are you doing for God and all people. I tell you what, I know many precious widows who spend much of their time praying for many! Lena has passed on into the arms of Jesus now, but I will always remember her as a such a very dear role model. By the way I was attracted to this woman of God when I learned her name was Lena! Lena is the first name of my Grandma Caraway who has been in heaven since 1978. Grandma spoke over me in 1974 that I would be a Pastor someday! How about that!

What is a Prayer Warrior?

By the way our Ministry Radio program, “House of Hope’ airs on Sundays at 7:45am on KDOM in Windom! It is our Dear Sister Lynn Stoneking from Delft who suggested that name! Thank you to the supporters of  ‘House of Hope’ to keep it on the air! Please pray about supporting our ongoing efforts to minister in southwestern Minnesota. The House of Hope Radio program on KDOM and Bible scripture ads in the Citizen, Shopper and now the Mt. Lake newspaper! You can help us here: Donate to FGGAM LOVE OFFERING

Here are some messages people shared on Facebook about Clara:

Jim Bogle

She was one of my mom’s partners in the gospel. They did CEF together for many years. Clara challenged me in 4th grade to pursue Jesus. It took a few years after that but I’ve been following Him since I was 13. Clara always let me know she was praying for through out my life. Here is my best Clara story however and it sums her life to a T. At moms funeral she told me that one Sunday morning she was waiting for her ride to church. There was a thunderstorm. She got hit by lightning and it caused her to fall down the stairs. She said I was stunned and my glasses were bent but I checked myself out and nothing seemed broken. I looked at her and asked, what did you do after that? Her answer was classic. Well my ride pulled up and I went to church. What else would I do?


Darlene Fick Quiring: Clara is special. I remember her from the 50’s when my mother helped her with Good News Clubs at Clara’s home.

Michelle Miller:

It’s Clara I love her.. I used to work there and we made a gospel song. I always played hyms when I helped with her bath…
What will be your legacy?

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