What is the secret to building a happy home?


What is the secret to building a happy home?

From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Q: What is the secret to building a happy home? – H.B.

A: No achievement in life is greater than building a happy home and raising children who love Jesus. Parents’ main job is to be sure their children grow up in a home where God is honored and Jesus’ love is shared. This is quickly being lost today and the results are devastating. But God bless those who desire to provide this most secure environment for …

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November 5, 2021

The Key to Good Things in Life

Psalm 84:8-12

The title of today’s devotion sounds like a self-help book that promises fame, wealth, and prestige if you’ll follow 10 easy steps. But God defines life’s good things quite differently, and they’re achieved only by seeking Him. When we make the Lord our top priority, He gives truly good things, such as …

  • Intimacy with Him. Those who earnestly seek God and walk uprightly learn to know and love Him deeply. He’s no longer a distant deity but a loving heavenly Father who cares for them.
  • Satisfaction. The empty place in every heart can be filled only by the Lord. All earthly pursuits of pleasure or purpose fade in comparison to the fulfillment He gives.

Joy. When seeking the Lord is your highest priority, you will have His joy in every circumstance. Suffering and difficulties won’t feel as devastating because you’ll trust Him and see the situation from a biblical perspective.

Divine help. We’re invited to come boldly to God in prayer to receive grace and help in time of need (Heb. 4:16).

The things of the world are only temporary, but God’s benefits are eternal. Are you seeking heavenly treasure, or have worldly values sidetracked you?

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