Bloom anyway


I felt compelled to stop and observe the roses this morning on my walk. It’s 10 days into November in New Mexico, and there are very few flowers left to appreciate. Most trees have lost their leaves, but those that are holding on have burst into the most spectacular shades of red and yellow I’ve seen in years.
It does something to my heart and spirit to see this beauty displayed in the midst of a cold season of transition. I wonder if this is nature’s last stand before the frosts of winter temporarily suspend signs of life and growth.
Another pondering I had before setting out on my walk was over a simple verse that a friend had posted on Facebook: “The Light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood it.” John 1:5 NIV. I was fascinated by the thought that though the Light was shining, people couldn’t understand what they were seeing. To many, the dispelling of darkness didn’t provide clarity but instead brought confusion.
Somehow both the perplexing light and the last gorgeous roses spoke the same message to me today: shine and bloom. It will take effort, and others may not understand what you are doing or why. Do it anyway. Illuminate creativity and artistry in a cold, dark world. Your actions may baffle a portion of the population, but you may also inspire and encourage others.

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