UPDATED! Former Lt. Gov. of NM Walter Bradley: This is real and we don’t get a vote that can stop him until November 2022! Pray hard and voice your objections to elected officials!!!!Biden Nominee Aims to Bankrupt U.S. Fossil Fuel Companies, The Plan is in Place For The End of New Mexico’s Oil and Gas Industry


As any sensible person in New Mexico realizes this would be a like taking a ‘wrecking ball’ to New Mexico Public schools, our families and job market. This week I filled up ‘The JESUSS car, it was $63.21 to fill the tank! That was with my 20 cent Smiths customer discount!!!

Former Lt. Governor of New Mexico  Walter Bradley:

this is real and we don’t get a vote that can stop him until November 2022. Pray hard and voice your objections to elected officials!!!!

Biden Nominee Aims to Bankrupt US Fossil Fuel Companies

I posted this press release from the New Mexico GOP in late October:

Egolf and MLG move to slash $2.6 billion from state budget

Santa Fe, NM – Despite increased inflation with no end in sight, disruption in the global supply chain, and the 5th highest unemployment rate in the nation, Speaker Brian Egolf and Gov. Lujan Grisham are holding a “Climate Change Summit,” a pep rally for the progressive elite, calling for the end of New Mexico’s oil and gas industry. The progressive activists are advocating for a total shutdown of the state’s largest job and revenue producing industry which will lead to a 45% decline in state revenue, dramatically slashing some $2.6 billion or 35% in government spending across the board. House Republicans today released a document revealing what impact Egolf and Lujan Grisham’s slash and burn, $2.6 billion spending reduction, would have on state programs.

In his announcement of the summit, Speaker Egolf seemed to indicate that he was aware his extreme policies are negatively affecting New Mexico’s people of color,” said House Republican Whip Rod Montoya. Speaker Egolf and Governor Lujan Grisham have recently ensured that hundreds of Navajo families are losing their income, while at the same time raising energy rates on working families all over New Mexico. It’s fair to say that Santa Fe political bosses have sold out New Mexico to out-of-state special interests.

New Mexicans are still reeling from the economic turmoil of Lujan Grisham’s multiple shutdowns, and President Biden’s supply chain crisis is already hitting the state’s retail shelves. Egolf’s summit and eco-activism will shut down the oil and gas sector that brings in 45% of the state’s revenue. House Democrats have no transformative economic plans and will likely raise taxes to keep government spending the same, or they will have to institute severe budget cuts. These extreme policies will force Democrats to slash public schools funding, Medicaid services and other programs that New Mexico working families rely on. Nearly half of all New Mexicans already rely on government assistance, and Egolf and Lujan Grisham’s slash and burn plan will cause oil and gas workers to become unemployed and reliant on Democrat’s reduced government services.

Governor Lujan Grisham and the political elite in Santa Fe should be focused on rebuilding the economy that was destroyed with their multiple economic shutdowns, instead they are slashing state revenue to pacify their donors. This should alarm every New Mexican,” said House Republican Leader Jim Townsend. “The fact that Speaker Egolf is advocating for such drastic revenue cuts without a plan to offset this loss reveals how selfish they are to sacrifice New Mexico’s long-term future for immediate campaign contributions. They are screaming that the sky is falling, and they are right – New Mexico is falling apart under progressive control.


Significantly higher food prices caused by inflation are now being layered on top of real food scarcity because of supply chain and transportation problems. It’s a toxic mix that spells trouble for many Americans, especially as we head into winter with fuel prices also expected to rise. Here’s the story.

NM Governor Lujan Grisham Speaks Out On How Infrastructure Money Will Be Spent, WHOSE MONEY?? OURS!! Grocery and Gas Prices Soar!

I listened to the Governor on KOB TV, and it made me very uneasy…..sorry it bothers me that she wears a mask when she is speaking to us! The other day she did a network tv interview wearing her mask. HELP! The Governor has no skill set to represent you and me. A leader does not wear a mask when speaking! That makes no sense to me. Now she is all pumped up on how our taxpayer money is going to be spent on Biden’s Infrastructure bill. It is our money! I could not make sense of the Governors statements on KOB TV, she sounded like a child that had just received a huge Christmas, she kind’a stumbled for words. New Mexico Governor Speaks to us Too much of the money released by the Fed’s for COVID went down the sewer to fraud, like in Iowa. The Republican’ Governor committed fraud with COVID money Iowa Governor Improperly Used COVID Funds and there are so many cases of fraud all over our country. I TRUST VERY FEW POLITICANS! We have more than a handful that I trust here in New Mexico. I and my fellow citizens have been burned to many times here in New Mexico by both the GOP and Dems. Now these politicians have their hands on all this Infrastructure money, I do not trust that it will be spent wisely. The GOP would be wise to get back Walter Bradley,  Bill Redmond and Janice Arnold Jones into Office. We are blessed to have folks like Jim Townsend, Rod Montoya, Bill Sharer, Gail Armstrong and others in Santa Fe. I now will get in trouble for leaving someone off my list, but I know the heart and soul of those that I mention.  I really will be surprised if any of us see much improvement at all here in New Mexico. Biden is spending money like there is no tomorrow. Anytime someone sneezes, he puts a check in the mail and in the meantime Biden and Grisham are attempting to destroy the oil and gas industry. I can not keep up with the evil. Now what will happen if this other trillion dollar bill Biden is pushing passes? The economy is sinking. Groceries and gas prices are going through the roof. Gas, food and transportation network shortages all helped drive up consumer prices Things are so bad here right now in New Mexico in so many ways…, we had a one month boy killed,1 month old boy killed by Mother in New Mexico, it looks like an arsonist torched the Walmart in Edgewood, putting many out of work. Arson cause of Walmart Fire in Edgewood Crime as always, is out of control here. Our children are paying a deep price for the failure of us adults to provide them a better world.

The cloud of death will cover New Mexico as long as it kills God’s babies.

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