Barna Research Shares ‘Good’ and ‘Challenging’ News for Pastors of Millennials

From Dr. Jim Denison at FGGAM.ORG this morning: America’s suicide rate is now tied with the 1930s Great Depression as the worst in history. However, physician Matthew Sleeth notes that “without the invention and intervention of modern medicine and trauma systems, our suicide rate would be two hundred to three hundred times higher than has ever been experienced at any time in recorded history.”
He then observes, “Perhaps it is time that society faces up to the reality that what we are doing is not working.”
Pastor Dewey: I was taught this years ago…….Education without action is entertainment! I really see that so many Christians have the education of the Bible, but they are not sharing it with the world, they are not carrying out The Great Commission! It is very tragic and we are paying a deep price for the lack of action. It makes me so very sad that many so called Christians boast about their faith, but do not put it into action. The Great Commission is a command from JESUS! This failure of the American Church will go down in history as one of the greatest failures in Church history.

This is such good information for Pastors, Church leaders and all people. Jesus has given us all the answers on how to the minister to all of the world. It is called THE GREAT COMMISSION. This is a great failure of the American Church and we are paying a deep price for it. We simply need to share Jesus with all people. We need to build bridges of love and trust. Many Pastors and leaders really need to look at their Church….is that all the people you want to reach? SEEK! GO! Jesus did not have a building. Jesus did not have all the toys you have. Jesus was moved by God and the Holy Spirit always. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Churches would close their doors once a month or more and walk the streets and go door to door and business to business to meet the people where they are at. Many are not coming to your Church, so go to them. The Church was not meant to be a social club. My Church back home in Windom, Minnesota has done Church services near a lake and people have gathered together with them that normally would not. We are losing many people to Satan. This is Spiritual Warfare, what are you doing about it? You better be thinking outside the box. THE GREAT COMMISSION is a command from JESUS! How many Children do you have in Sunday School? How many kids to you have in your youth program? How many millennials attend your Church? How many baptisims has your Church had in the last year? How many new members have enrolled at your Church in the last year? I am not here to be popular I am here to serve JESUS and people not a building. I got asked when God formed FGGAM over 9 years ago, “Where is your Church?? Where is your office??? We do not have a building, I have a little office at home, I have the JESUS CAR that was donated by Pastor Ruben and Lucy Gomez, we have the internet, a God given website, huge social media presence, radio program, newspaper, email data base, circuit preaching, on the road, street ministry, funeral services for those that do not have a Church, which is many. God has us do Revival services when He calls us to do so. I also do baptisims, weddings, marital counseling….whatever the Lord calls me to do, we are a Holy Spirit driven ministry. ALL JESUS!!! We are supported by very generous folks. Sometimes I travel 400 miles a Sunday to preach, wherever God sends me, I do not drive the ministry GOD does. I get asked many times when I do a funeral, “What do you charge?” I say, “I do not charge anything” JESUS GAVE ALL! JESUS will tell me when I am finished.

When we have only 6% of America having a Biblical Worldview, we are a sinking ship.


This is the report card from Barna:

There is encouraging and sobering news for pastors of millennials in a new, 62-page report from Barna examining millennial views on different areas of life. When exploring how much millennials trust various cultural influencers, Barna found that millennials do trust pastors—but that trust is “guarded.”

Barna Shares ‘Good’ and ‘Challenging’ News for Pastors of Millennials

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