Welcome to the last week of saturating Youth for Christ in a month of 24/7 prayer!

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October 24-7 prayer
Welcome to the last week of saturating Youth for Christ in a month of 24/7 prayer!
Thank you to all those who have participated. It’s been amazing to see so many people engaging with this month of prayer.
Everyone is invited to please join us for the 24/7 Wrap-Up Event on the 31st October. Find the link and information down below!
Corporate Zoom Room Prayer Gatherings this week
Monday 25th, 8-9am MDT Registration link hosted by Marilyn Rendle
Tuesday 26th, 3-4am MDT Registration link hosted by Susan & Desiree
Tuesday 26th, 9-10am MDT Registration link hosted by Joel Martin
Thursday 28th, 2-3pm MDT Registration link hosted by Lyndal Walker
To convert the above times into your local time zone, you can click here, add the above time and date, and then add your time zone.
If you haven’t already signed up for a slot (or more than one slot) then please do so ASAP (https://epray.yfci.org/pray_news/yfci-24-7-prayer-event/).
You can also find the prayer guide on the website as well as the resources section of the Saturate App (available from Apple’s App Store and Google Play).
October 24/7 Corporate Prayer and Worship Wrap-Up
Let’s get together to give thanksgiving to God for all He’s done during the month of October as we’ve saturated our movement in prayer. Hear some testimonies from the time and also hear from our International Board Chairman, Howard Stevenson.
Sunday 31st, 11pm-midnight MDT Registration link
Have a great week!
Lyndal Walker
International Prayer Director

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