POLL: Keller Leads Race for Albuquerque Mayor, What is the GOP to Do?


As America becomes increasingly post-Christian and individuals become increasingly divorced from God and the Church there is an urgent need for God’s people to carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! It is a command from our LORD! Not a suggestion! The Church in America is failing! Look in the mirror! What are you doing? Time to stop playing Church and BE THE CHURCH!!! Pastor Dewey

WOW! I shake my head on this one! Either Keller is doing a super duper job, that I do not see, or the other candidates are seen as folks who cannot turn the city around. Can anyone??? ONLY JESUS CAN! This is a telling sign for not only Albuquerque but the state. The Dems rule the state. The majority of New Mexico voters keep voting for anti-life politicians like Keller and the governor and the majority of the legislature. They are pro-abortion, assisted suicide, pro-pot, pro booze, (Home Delivery Now)  This is Spiritual Warfare at its highest. The GOP must get with it if it wants to win major elections. Like the Church, we must carry out THE GREAT COMMISSSION, the GOP has to attract Independents and Dem’s to their side, or they will continue to lose. The Church has lost its influence not only in New Mexico, but in the entire Nation. My heart breaks, but I do not retreat! I know who wins in the end! I will continue to preach JESUS, not politics! I try my best to be a soul saver for JESUS! We carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION EVERYDAY!!! It is a command from our LORD! Not a suggestion! New Mexico is in so much trouble with GOD ALMIGHTY! Will the state ever wake up? I pray everyday that it does.

Albuquerque Mayor Poll

Spiritual Warfare! Federal judge blocks Texas abortion law, Biden Celebrates, Nancy Pelosi’s archbishop calls on Christians to fast, pray for ‘conversion of heart’ on abortion

We are in the thick of Spiritual Warfare! Do you know what that means? The Biden Administration celebrates the killing of God’s babies! We must pray for the change of heart from President Biden, the Vice President Harris and Nancy Pelosi and all who support the killing of God’s babies. Here in New Mexico the voters keep putting anti-life politicians into office!!! By the way see the story below that Biden’s approval rating hits a new low! Horrible President! He is for killing God’s! Today a Navy Veteran drove me to the clinic for my medical procedure and he told me Biden is a complete disaster, leaving behind our own people, our allies, and all our police dogs in Afghanistan. Let us never forget the troops that Biden put in harm’s way that died. Biden’s exit for Afghanistan was the worst foreign policy failure ever! Biden is lost he, does not value life. Even Dem’s are starting leaving the Biden camp. It is very sad for me to watch Biden, as he is incapable of doing the job.


Federal judge blocks Texas abortion law drawing praise from Biden

Nancy Pelosi’s archbishop calls on Christians to fast, pray for ‘conversion of heart’ on abortion

Bible Teacher Chuck Swindoll on the Sanctity of Life! AWESOME MESSSAGE! PREACH IT FOLKS!

President Joe Biden’s approval rating hits new low

Help Me Understand: Spiritual Warfare—The Devil

SPRITUAL WARFARE: Inside the shocking survey showing majority of U.S. Christians don’t believe Holy Spirit Is real (podcast)

What does the body of Christ not understand about THE GREAT COMMISSION? IT IS A COMMAND, TO GO! GO!

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