Imagine ABQ Journal Panic Headline Was About Abortion


The Albuquerque Journal’s front page featured an emotional and panic-inducing headline and graphic marking “5,000 Lost”, referring to the number of New Mexicans that have died since March of 2020.

The graphic that took up the better part of the front page of the heavily left-leaning newspaper emphasized the deaths by COVID using a blacked-out shape of the land of enchantment with white hash marks to represent the lives lost over the last 19 months.

Of course, the objective of the article is to advocate for the vaccine and to lay the foundation for a statewide vaccine mandate. There is the emotional tale of a 57-year-old grandfather whose 4-year-old grandson still calls for his grandfather and looks into the night sky where he is told “Opo” now lives.

Every death of a person should be given proper honor and mourning. We mourn the six to seven thousand people who died last year from heart disease and a similar number from cancer.

While New Mexico saw an overall increase of death in the state by 20% in 2020 as compared to 2019, it is not unusual to see such swings every 10 years or so, especially among the elderly population.

Imagine, however, if the Albuquerque Journal reported on the death toll of children killed by their parents through abortion over the same 19-month period. New Mexico allows 4,000 to 5,000 babies to be murdered each year and it is expected that many of the women who desire to take the lives of their unborn children in Texas will travel to New Mexico to do so.

That means we have lost as many as 8,000 lives over the last 19 months.

The stories we tell of life and death affect our worldview. It is sad to lose people to diseases such as COVID and understanding how we can prevent such tragedy is important. What is irritating to me is the fear-mongering to have people submit to the leftist agenda.

I am not anti-vaccine but there are legitimate concerns for people who do not wish to take it. From the heart issues reported with young men 20 and younger to women of child-bearing age. Others take issue with how the vaccine was developed and so on.

New Mexico’s COVID death toll is heartbreaking, how the state handled the pandemic is a part of that story as the governor followed the same protocols as leftist states like California and New York without respect for the lives of the elderly.

The state has embraced death and rejected liberty as revealed in the higher percentage death tolls and the third-worst economic stats in the nation as compared to free states such as Florida and Texas.

If the Albuquerque Journal would shine its light on how we are destroying our future through abortion and other worthless progressive ideologies, it would have a positive impact on the strength of our state.

Fearmongering does nothing to help the vaccination rate they hope to improve but it does help further the progressive agenda that is opposed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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