Education Without Action is Entertainment


I love my Charles Stanley Study Bible!
We are in the book of Psalms………

America is paying a deep price for weak Christians. So many want entertainment! So many stand by their own opinion MORE THAN GOD’S TRUTH! People wonder why they feel lost! Only 6% of Christians have a Biblical Worldview! Many no longer beleive in the Holy Spirit!

Education Without Action is Entertainment! Time for Christians to carry out The Great Commission! Be a soul saver for JESUS! What are you doing today for JESUS??? Do you care more about your personal possessions than JESUS!!! What are you investing into the expansion of God’s Kingdom???? Many own a car, truck or motorcycle worth more than they will ever put into God’s Kingdom! Think of those that cannot purchase a meal today….or gas for their car…..a suitable clothing……those that are homeless… in a home that needs repairs.. THINK about JESUS and what HE would do!

Many men think of their fancy sunglasses more than the Word of God! We are living in a world where so many men are so very weak! Wimps for JESUS! Fools!

Psalm 119:33-40

Putting together a toy or a piece of furniture rarely goes as smoothly as expected. This is especially true if we don’t read the instructions. Perhaps they’re too long or difficult to understand, so we ignore them. Then we wonder why the project doesn’t turn out right.

This is how many believers live the Christian life. They try to figure it out without referring to God’s Word. The Bible is too long, they think, and it would take years to gain a basic understanding of the contents; there just isn’t enough time to read it. Furthermore, it strikes them as complicated and difficult to understand.

But ignoring the Word of God is dangerous. When we stop reading Scripture and applying its principles, we don’t just stand still; we actually start drifting away from God. Peter tells us to long for the Word so we may grow in respect to our salvation (1 Pet. 2:2). And don’t forget, the indwelling Holy Spirit will bring understanding.

If your desire is to glorify God and overcome worries, fears, and sin, then Scripture must be your priority. Reading, studying, and applying the Word may require sacrifices, but the reward of knowing your Savior better and living a life pleasing to God is worth it.

Please Read From Your Charles Stanley Study Bible
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