UPDATED: Boy Did The Mud Fly! Albuquerque Mayoral Debate, Mayor Keller to Pursue Legal Action Against Sheriff Manny



As I have said for years, Politics is the playground of Satan. It played out live the other night on KOB TV:

This is ‘tough love’ Manny as I was taught as a child. I care about you and the future of our City.  Tough love is what I learned several years ago from my Mom and Dad. They loved us so much, that they taught us right from wrong and did not accept bad behavior. We knew not to cross that line. We also learned that in school and at Sunday School. We must teach this today, just as important is, that we always model it! Practice meekness! Meekness is POWER UNDER CONTROL!

Did you see my post from yesterday? Sheriff Manny threw the political, ugly mud out more than I have seen in a very long time! The Sheriff has dug a hole for himself. I thought it was very ugly that he got so very personal with his attacks on Mayor Keller. Even if true, it is not right to say those things, as they are RUMORS. As our chief law enforcement official for the county, YOU SHOULD KNOW TO STICK TO THE FACTS! You must have very bad advisors! This is not leadership Sheriff! This is not what we need Sheriff in a leader! I do not agree with Mayor Keller on most issues, but to attack him that way….how do you think his wife feels????????? The children??? Damaged has occurred to the Keller family. Not good Manny, I will not support your type of leadership! SHAME! Bad game plan! Your the one in trouble with the law! DA to refer Gonzales fraud case to State Police I would pray that the County Commissioners call you out and tell you this is not LEADERSHIP! Is this what you want our younger generation to see of elected leaders? This is not what the hurting city of Albuquerque needs!!! This just damages the whole process.

Keller campaign to pursue legal action following personal accusations made at mayoral debate

Sheriff Manny Gonzales is making the news for all the wrong reasons! Horrible Sheriff! Gonzales surely buried his campaign. How can this man continue to be Sheriff????

From The Santa Fe New Mexican! SPOT ON! Think Santa Fe elections are bad? Look at Albuquerque

What has happened in our culture that we cannot at least be civil to one another?

From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham

Q: Why must we hurl accusations and hatred? Seldom do I pass someone with a smile on their face or a spring in their step. People seemed so unhappy, so burdened; even in families, there seems to be conflict present. What has happened in our culture that we cannot at least be civil to one another? – R.B.

A: The unjust condemnation of others has a boomerang effect. We hurl vindictive indictments with the hope of …

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I have been up since 2am. I watched last nights Albuquerque Mayoral debate on KOB TV. The news anchors did a great job. The candidates????? I really am sadden by the overall debate. Sheriff Manny really threw a lot of mud at Tim Keller. Not much content from Manny in all that mud. I do not respect candidates who just throw out rumors, as Manny did last night. Coming from the chief law enforcement official of the county, makes it so very sad. I do not agree with Mayor Keller on so many issues, but I would debate him in a different way, with content, not accusations. Sheriff Manny even has gone after Eddy Aragon. For me, this debate was awful, but no fault of the news anchors. Sheriff Manny set the tone, and it was down hill from there. A lot of mud and garbage, I am disgusted. Politics at its worse! None of this will solve the huge problems we have!

Its now 5am and I’m still shaking me head…….like really??? This is it???? Where is the content????? This is the best Albuquerque can do? Not good folks.

I was looking for some meat and potatoes! Content!…all I got was mud from Manny!

The ABQ JOURNAL BROKE THIS STORY: DA to refer Gonzales fraud case to State Police

The huge problem we have in American politics and in a lot of areas in our Country is we are not producing fruit for JESUS! The Dems and Republicans have had years and years to make America a better place….. but they both are destroying our Country! Politics is dirty business, the playground of Satan. Many in America have kicked God out. We are paying a deep price for this evil. When Sharon and I vote, WE LOOK FOR THE FRUIT! What do I mean? Read this: Bearing Fruit For God

If you care to watch the link is below:

KOB TV ABQ Mayoral Debate

Here is my post from Oct. 15th after the KOAT TV DEBATE:

 I just watched the debate on KOAT TV’s website. I believe it was well structured, which is seldom in TV debates anymore.  KOAT TV news anchor Doug Fernandez did an excellent job of running the debate. KOB radio and the Albuquerque Journal also took part. My overview is that abortion was never addressed, no surprise, but candidate Eddy Aragon clearly addressed the evil of legalized pot and that it will cause crime to rise in our already crime ridden city. Crime and homelessness where the two issues that drove the debate. Sheriff Manny Gonzales I believe, could have addressed the election fraud that his campaign committed much better, instead of passing the buck. So the Sheriff left me in a state of confusion. Eddy said Sheriff Manny should be in jail! Manny Gonzales Campaign Fraud I think too many are giving the Sheriff a free pass on this issue. I also was confused by the Sheriff’s policy on police cameras (Body Cams). Mayor Keller, is Mayor Keller, so we heard more of the same. He loves bureaucracy, layers of government and loves spending money, loves the Democratic party and their agenda.  Eddy is the only Republican running and he is very straight forward on his stance on everything from pot, to crime, to the homeless issue and the stadium issue. I encourage you to click on the link below and I beleive it will help you decide who to vote for. Some call Eddy a radical, well I don’t know about that, but he is very clear where he stands. He wants to clean house! Mayoral Candidate Eddy Aragon Hit With Ethics Complaint Albuquerque does need a huge clean up! It needs JESUS!

KOAT TV Albuquerque Mayoral Debate

Tony Evans shares how to reclaim spiritual authority, identify signs of ‘demonic control’

Call on the POWER OF GOD!!!

Charles Stanley and the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT


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What does the body of Christ not understand about THE GREAT COMMISSION? IT IS A COMMAND, TO GO! GO!

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