Francis Schaeffer:

Certainly every Christian ought to be praying and working to nullify the abominable abortion law. But as we work and pray, we should have in mind not only this important issue as though it stood alone. Rather, we should be struggling and praying that this whole other total entity “(this godless) worldview” can be rolled back with all its results across all of life.


God’s babies!!! This ruling should give us all hope! Hope in Jesus! It is a constant battle, we must keep praying for God’s babies! I am no longer shocked that I do not hear from many pastors on the issue of abortion! Why are so many silent? My goodness! God is going to judge us all, we all have blood on our hands for killing God’s babies! GOD’S BABIES! So many are blinded by Satan!

Supreme Court votes 5-4 to leave Texas abortion law in place

New Mexico you kill God’s babies! How come? Your last in about anything good! Look how the media is covering the story, shame on you New Mexico! A Pastor friend from New Mexico told me this last week, “It’s time for the Church to stop playing Church and BE THE CHURCH!”  You have to have ‘godly guts’ like Texas! FAITH IN GOD!!!! WHERE IS YOUR FAITH??????  GOD’S BABIES! NOT OURS!!!!!! SEE THE LIGHT NEW MEXICO AND ALL THOSE THAT ALLOW THE KILLING OF GOD’S BABIES!!!!!!!! COME TO JESUS BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!!! : This is from KOB TV: How the Texas abortion ban could impact New Mexico

PRAY TEAM JESUS! Biden Criticizes Texas’ New Abortion Law, Vows to Defend Abortion Rights, What About The Rights Of God’s Babies!!! SHAME! Biden Abandons Women and Children For Slaughter in Afghanistan!!

President Biden is blinded by Satan. He is walking in the dark. How anti-life can one be? Biden abandons children, women and men in Afghanistan for slaughter by the Taliban, he puts our troops in harm’s way with his haphazard exit plan and had to send more troops in and 13 lose their lives. Many Americans are trapped in Afghanistan! This poor man is not fit to be President. I feel sorry for him, he is so very, very lost.

What about the rights of God’s Babies?

When you read the story below, it is from a secular news outfit:

Biden criticizes Texas’ new abortion law, vows to defend abortion rights

Texas emerges as new battleground in abortion fight
The nationwide battle over abortion is now focused squarely on Texas after the state’s “fetal heartbeat” law went into effect Wednesday.While opponents were hoping the Supreme Court would intervene before the midnight deadline, the inaction by the justices means the second most populous state has the country’s most restrictive abortion law, one that curtails access for millions of women.

Anti-abortion groups are celebrating enactment of the statute as the state law offers a glimpse of a potential post-Roe v. Wade world for the first time in almost half a century.

Reproductive rights advocates and providers, meanwhile, are sounding the alarm with warnings of cascading effects in and beyond Texas. They’re also keeping their eyes on the Supreme Court and the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers Texas.

Read the full story here

We just got this news! 29 Sacramento students stuck in Afghanistan, school district says

God’s Word call’s the mind of the natural man “blinded” Read 2 Cor. 4:4 The scriptures also call’s the mind of the natural man, “depraved” Romans 1:28, “corrupt” 1 Tim 6:5, “unspiritual” Col 12:18

The natural mind thinks from a humanistic, sin debased viewpoint. The viewpoint of the flesh directs it’s thoughts. The sinful mind is under the control of Satan and can never please God because it concentrates on things of the world and not things of the Spirit. The natural mind walks the path of hopelessness and self-destruction.

Let your light shine before the darkness, let your light for Jesus show others the only true path.

As you grow in your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ your discernment will grow and you will be able to see  His light so clearly and your God given discernment will enable you to see through the darkness so clear, you will be set free more and more knowing the difference between good and evil.

Taliban commit ‘house-to-house executions’ in Kabul after US exit as chilling audio demonstrates Afghans’ fear
In horrifying audio, an Afghan who helped U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan recounts his fear as Taliban troops carry out “house-to-house executions.”

Read in Fox News:

Nearly 90 retired military figures call for Austin, Milley to resign over chaotic evacuation

Is Turning Our Back on Afghanistan and What is Right Setting the Stage for the Last Days?

It is becoming an all too familiar sight, seeing the back of President Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and other cabinet leaders when the questions about Afghanistan get too difficult and it speaks volumes.

The United States has turned its back on Afghanistan, and it is part of this president’s commitment to cause America to retreat from the world stage and diminish in every way to become just another nation thus allowing for what the bible describes happening in the last days.

While that may sound over the top, consider what President Biden has done. He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for sure, but it is more than that. He is causing America to become cold-hearted.

We have left Americans and friends behind to suffer the tender mercies of the Taliban. Just yesterday, as the last of our troops, were being withdrawn, I learned of a church in Texas on the phone with a church in Afghanistan as they were praising God while gunshots rang out, joining the saints before the throne of the Lord. Small children were telling their parents that they would not renounce the name of Jesus.

Americans are still trying to do what is right despite an honor-less president and administration. Former special operations members of the military were responsible for helping hundreds of Americans and green card holders escape before the bombing closed the gates to the small hope that remained. Private planes flew in to help many more leave as the American government turned its back on the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, none of this should surprise the bible-based observer. When we understand an often overlooked parallel between Jesus and Israel, we can see that America plays the role of John the Baptist. Israel must increase and America must decrease to fulfill Israel’s role in the last days.

That is why the decline of the United States has shifted into overdrive. Consider what has happened since this year began. We have lost our energy independence, law and order, doubled down on sexual immorality, created massive inflation, lost our work ethic, and so much more.

In just one month, the United States has lost its global influence to allow the rise of China and Russia as the greater players on the world stage, just as the Bible reveals in Revelation. China will now be in control of the Silk Road that crosses Afghanistan and crosses the Euphrates River into Israel, a road that allows the large army we see in Revelation 14.

The Taliban has little idea what to do with the 10’s of thousands of Humvees, guns, night vision goggles, planes, and helicopters left behind, but it is a safe bet that China would be willing to give them lots of cash to take it off their hands and retro-engineer it all to outfit their military. Remember there are millions of young men without the prospect of wives due to the one-child policy.

Seeing the back of President Biden and Secretary Blinken is emblematic of what to expect of them in the coming days. It has committed us to an America last agenda that will have eternal consequences.

Many Christians can’t see the truth of any of this because we all need the eye salve offered by Jesus and the ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

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