Pastor Dewey Note: Sharon and I cannot wait to see this movie! This reports shows that people are hungry for the truth and encouragement! PTL!!! Thank the Lord for Alex, pictured above, and Stephen Kendrick!!!!!!!


(Christian Headlines) A faith-based documentary about fatherhood opened in the Top 10 at the box office over the weekend and earned an A+ CinemaScore grade from moviegoers, marking the fourth time that a film from Alex, pictured above, and Stephen Kendrick earned a perfect score.

Show Me the Father, which opened at No. 9, tells the inspiring stories of fathers while weaving in biblical truths about the Fatherhood of God.

The film earned an A+ grade from CinemaScore, an exit polling service that asks moviegoers, on opening weekend, to grade a film.

‘Show Me the Father’ Earns Rare A+ CinemaScore, Opens in Top 10

Show me The Father Trailer

The Lessons We Learned Putting Faith In Films – Alex Kendrick

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