Servant Leadership Questions

I want to share with you the following questions I received. The questions come from a young lady that is doing a college project on leadership. She chose me for Church Leadership. I share this with you because to many Christians seek the world for leadership courses. JESUS is our leader in everything! You can see the results of the Church and the condition of our society when people look to the world for answers! It should not be a complicated process to be servant of JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! I am just a very simple man of God, I am trying with all the joy in my heart to follow JESUS! I love what I do! I know JESUS! He is with me all the way! Too many folks, yes! many Christians, make life complicated! JESUS has made it easy for us! HIS WORDS! HIS WAYS! THATS IT! I was thinking as I wrote this that I have spent to much time worrying about what others think of me. What a waste of time! Jesus says ENOUGH of that Dewey! I am in the 4th quarter of my life, not much time left to fulfill what God has called me to do! I have tried to be BOLD for JESUS, I have lost friends, but that is normal when you tell the truth, THE TRUTH OF JESUS AND HIS WORDS! I try to do it in love! I will keep going and carrying out THE GREAT COMMISSION! I got asked again yesterday, “You need to be preaching closer to home.” I said, “I go where God calls me, wherever that may be.” It is not about me, it is all about JESUS! JESUS!
Here is how I answered the questions……
Servant Leadership Questions
  1. What are the most important qualities an effective leader should have? Knowing JESUS is everything, Honesty, Integrity, Biblical Worldview, Love all people, but always tell the truth, do it in ‘tough love’ Hold yourself accountable to God in all you do. Seek the Lord for all things. Know you do not have all the answers! But God does. No swearing, dirty jokes, no drinking booze, People need to see Jesus in you. You can see they have God given discernment.
  2. What are the qualities you want most in an employee? Why? Knowing JESUS is everything, honesty, integrity, people see Jesus in them, Biblical Worldview, love all people, they live for Jesus and put others before themselves. They must have God given discernment.
  3. In what areas would you like to improve your leadership? When I get tired, my cup is empty, I need to stop and rest. My mind needs a rest so I think and see JESUS clearly. Being tired messes with my God given discernment.
  4. What is the role of effective communication in leadership? Knowing you as the leader are in-tuned with Jesus, that you are hearing from the LORD, The Holy Spirit is guiding you in communication with all people.
Two Additional Questions
  1. Do you ever meet with other leaders within your field to learn new leadership strategies to try? I have a wonderful group of Pastors and Laypeople that I associate with. However, it comes down to what JESUS says and what is in His Word. We must all listen for the Lord! Our God given discernment is a very precious gift! Many are so filled up with the world, they cannot hear God.
  2. Have you ever had an employee not follow the standards you set, and how do you deal with them? Yes, I hold them and myself to The Word of God, Biblical principles. They are given a warning that we are to follow Jesus and the Word of God, if it continues they may be dismissed. I also offer counseling. Sometimes I make counseling with an outside person a must.

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