I do not know much about this TikTok stuff, a new tool for Satan it is, I can clearly see that. Reports are coming from all over about this ‘new evil’. I have read reports from California and in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho schools. I also am getting reports of increase in fighting in public schools across America. Satan is having a feast. A huge fight broke out here in Albuquerque in the youth football league, which is supervised by ‘so called adults’. This is happening right before our eyes, Satan does not even hide anymore. America is paying a huge price for neglecting the ways of God for decades. The American family unit has been ripped apart by Satan in so many ways. Children growing up without a Mom or Dad or both.  The Church has responsibility in the breakdown of the American society. We all should be able to see with the eyes of Jesus just what is taking place in America, but America has become so non-Christian. We have many reports for you below.

15-year-old student’s arrest linked to banned TikTok challenge after police locate video of crime
A Florida teen has been arrested in connection to a viral trend dubbed “devious licks” in which kids film themselves destroying and stealing school property, to later share the footage on the popular video sharing app, TikTok.

Read in Fox News: https://apple.news/A_m2DFP1xRwi91MU6ZFYZKg

APS addresses recent surge of violence, shortage of school officers

Pojoaque HS students under investigation for alleged sexual hazing

Viral TikTok challenge leads to destruction of Rio Rancho school property

‘Devious Lick’ TikTok challenge hits Elk Grove, San Juan school districts

Parent of injured Football YAFL player speaks out

I am so very thankful to the Lord that my Dear Sister in Christ of many years Shona Neff hooked me up with Pastor Paul Jaramillo of the Open Door Bible Ministry Church in Los Alamos, New Mexico! I have been praying for more Pastors like him, that speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that are salt of the earth, not handing out candy in Church. He is such a loving man, he cares so very much for people, he speaks Biblical truth. He does such a wonderful work in taking the Word of God and applying to current events. Pastor Paul oversees a Church that is growing, because HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH IN LOVE. Pastor Paul is also running for the Los Alamos School Board! He is a Pastor in action!!!!!!!!! I have been calling for Christians, especially Pastors, to run seek the LORD and see if the LORD wants them to run for school board, city council, Mayor, county commission, State Rep, Congress, President? Seek God! God certainly does not want us to sit on the sidelines and watch America continue to go to hell! Pastor Paul and his with Pat who served as a school teacher, I beleive for 40 years plus, are true servants of our LORD! SEEK THE LORD AND SEE WHAT HE WANTS YOU! TO DO! SPIRITUAL WARFARE is hot and heavy right now and it will get worse. As Outreach magazine reported to me an email today, The Church is dying. The email stated that “it’s not because the world isn’t interested in Christ, but rather that Christians aren’t interested in reaching out to their communities with the love of Christ.” I have been pounding on that for years, I saw this coming for years…back in the day on KKIM Radio our team reported on the fact that the much of the Church in America was not carrying our THE GREAT COMMISSION and not preaching the entire gospel and many Pastors fell in love with ‘tickling the ears’. Many of my heroes of faith have been preaching for 50 plus years! They all saw this coming, way too many Pastors have blinders on, putting their resources in things that do not matter to God. My Daddy always told me to take responsibility for things going on around me……I am trying my best daddy. Christians need to meet people where they are at! In the gutter, in the depths of hell, sucking on booze, smoking pot……..its all around us….DO NOT FEAR, CARRY OUT THE GREAT COMMISSION GO! PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD! Be a soul saver for JESUS! One of my Pastor friends told me a week or so ago, “It is time for the Church to stop playing Church and be the Church.” I am very sick and tired of ‘play church’. I am so very tired of Churches just preaching to the choir and not hitting the streets! PS: Be bold, but have Jesus at the center, be so very close to Him that you hear HIM, and not yourself or your ego!!! My testimony is when you are so full of JESUS, He carries you….you are all sold out to Him, He gives you the words to speak. I sure do say and do less stupid things! Remember EGO stands for ‘edging God out’. Go with God, not your ego. Remember, meekness, does not mean weakness! Meekness is essentially an attitude or quality of heart whereby a person is willing to accept and submit withoutresistance to the will and desire of God.
From Pastor Paul:
You believe you have a choice. But reality and circumstances have made the choice. You can try to stay out of the war, but you will be labeled a traitor. I am not calling you a traitor–but the situation will . Things are deteriorating fast. The battle lines are are drawn so clearly. Your silence will label you a turncoat.
There is a powerful pull to remain a peacetime pastor. Nostalgia and the yearning for simpler times are strong temptations. But there is no going back. Like it or not, reject it or not, you are now a wartime pastor.
So, what should a wartime pastor be doing right now?
One: A wartime pastor will face the fact that our nation is being led by evildoers. The same villains who led the disastrous exit from Afghanistan are in control of the pandemic. They do not care about people’s lives. They do not care that they are despised by most of America. They are dedicated to their Marxist agenda and are bent on destroying this nation. They are reckless and depraved. It is only after a pastor realizes that those who are in power now are totally evil, that they will make the right choices for the good of their own people.
Two: A wartime pastor will educate their congregation as to the evils of Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, and abortion. They will do it early, emphatically, and will not back down. They know that it is better to cut your losses now than to allow a congregation to fester in cultural compromise. Proverbs 28:23 says, “He who rebukes a man will find more favor afterward than he who flatters with the tongue.”
Three: A wartime pastor will organize his people, immediately. They will get EVERYONE down to the schoolboard meeting, the county commission meeting, and the city council meeting. Because this is war, you will get your people to start working together. Pastor, they are looking to you and you must lead them!
Four: A wartime pastor will deal with the hard questions—the unavoidable questions.
What will you do when your unvaccinated members won’t be able to be treated at the hospitals? They won’t even be let in the front door. It is already happening. The Church will have to take care of them. Are you ready for that?
The Church will have to take care of them. Are you ready for that?
Some of your people are going to be fired from their jobs. They may have trouble finding any gainful employment. They’ll need help. A kind of help you haven’t ever dealt with before. And there could be a lot of them. Are you preparing to take care of them?
Five: A wartime pastor realizes that they will soon be coming after your money. They failed to keep the church locked down. The church came roaring back. Now they will go after your money. How will they do this? Biden is already planning to turn the IRS into a weapon against freedom of religion.
Just as Bank of America shutdown the bank accounts of conservatives, in the same way, the government is planning a bold and diabolical attack on your finances. Any church that does not comply with the state-run message will have their accounts attacked. Before you say this can’t happen, look back on what has already happened that we thought could never happen. Time to wake the sleeping church.
Lastly, a wartime pastor realizes that the church is built on the Rock and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! Jesus said, in Matthew 16:18, “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock (your confession that I am the Christ), I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”
The wartime pastor is fighting with the weapons of God. They are confident of victory because of the Cross, the Resurrection and the Holy Spirit.
However, a peacetime pastor has no part in that promise. The promise to prevail against the gates of hell is the exclusive domain of a pastor who is fully engaged in war―and not the preacher who either has their head in the sand, or is running away from it.

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