New Mexico Governor Pushes Pot to Be Legalized Nationwide


Last night after I got home from playing softball, I found this in my email! BY THE WAY I WAS BLESSED TO PITCH A COMPLETE GAME VICTORY! God has blessed me so much to still play at 65! I love my LORD! I do not know why I still get the Governors emails!!! I have never given money to any campaign! I am sick and tired of politicians asking for money! I am very sick and tired of the Governors ungodly agenda. She got her legalized pot here in New Mexico and now she is pushing it to be nationwide. The Dems are destroying America. Here in New Mexico the Dems rule, can the GOP sway enough Dems and Independents in the upcoming elections?  How will the midterms turn out? Who will the GOP run for President 2024? It is hard for me to take that much of America votes for evil, it all starts with the killing of God’s babies!!!!! New Mexico has a strong candidate for Governor to end abortion, Ethel Maharg. Get a load of this email for Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. The destruction of America is speeding up. I don’t even understand many of the new terms many use to describe people and other things. This is not the America I knew.


I think the Governor and her team has bitten off more than they can chew! As I have stated my position over the past several years LEGALIZING POT IS AWFUL!!! This is such a great evil. There will be Pot heads killing people driving stoned. This is all Law Enforcement needs…….more crime and deaths. This is horribly unethical. Selling a mind altering drug  Bible Verses about Ethics! Pot is bad for the body and it is mind alerting, we have enough of that in this state. New Mexico already kills God’s babies through abortion. The state is becoming more and more ungodly! The state is digging itself into hell. How ungodly will New Mexico become in the coming months and years???? Smoked marijuana, in any form, can harm lung tissues and cause scarring and damage to small blood vessels. Smoke from marijuana contains many of the same toxins, irritants, and carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Smoking marijuana can also lead to a greater risk of bronchitis, cough, and phlegm production. Don’t forget the state now allows home delivery of booze!!! Booze and pot! Stannic mix!

“They said there will be more impaired drivers on the road but unlike alcohol, where they can take a breathalyzer test to figure out if someone is driving drunk, there is no set parameters for cannabis. The department wants to hire experts on the matter.”

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