Are You Looking for God’s Glory?


September 08, 2021
Today’s Daily Devotional


“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.”


Some time ago Joyce and I took a vacation down to a little island in the Caribbean. We stayed in a little cabin that had no air conditioning, right by the water’s edge. And there was a wooden dock, a wharf, but not much else to do. We made a big jigsaw puzzle; it took us all week to do that. We walked the beach in order to go down to the little village, and there was a little boat out there. And for recreation, Joyce and I would go out and lie down on our backs on that little wharf at nighttime and talk to one another and look straight up into the stars.

And down in the Caribbean the sky was like the water, crystal clear. Seeing those stars up there, millions and billions of them, would just fill you with awe. We’ve forgotten to look up, haven’t we? We’re so busy. Sometime, find a clear night and just go out and look up and see what God has made. You’re going to see God’s glory.

  • How likely are you to stop regularly to observe God’s creation?
  • Why is it important to take time to do this regularly? How does this affect your relationship with God?


Plan a time this week to do nothing except observe the created world of God. Reflect on God’s glory that is seen in His creation.

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