Why So Much Corruption New Mexico?


We are dependent upon God to open blind eyes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please, no more ‘high school pep rally’s” Church. New Mexico needs TRUE REVIVAL! In true revival Christ is preached and people see him alone. They do not come away simply with impressions of good singing, rivers of tears, high emotions! The problems today is that many people equate revival with extraordinary phenomena and give a lot of credence to great emotional experiences and testimonies of people who claim to have experienced them. What is TRUE REVIVAL? The Church in New Mexico must get busy and leave the comfort zone, leave the fancy dancy, SHOUT THE TRUTH FROM THE ROOF TOPS!!! We are losing to Satan, he is having his way with many., WE ARE NOT CALLED FOR COMFORT AND FANCY THINGS! WE ARE CALLED TO GO! GO! We must carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! IT IS A COMMAND, NOT A SUGGESTION! Hit the road, go into the cities, towns and villages, hit the streets, leave the walls! I know many love to preach to the choir, I have never seen so many ‘high school pep rally’s with big screen’s and fancy dancy stuff in all my life, go out and carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! It is a must! Are you reaching the lost? Are you baptizing? Go into rural New Mexico, go deep into the land where there is extreme poverty, drugs, no internet…….go into the gang sections of New Mexico…go…go…

It is so sad that corruption is so common in New Mexico. From local to state government. It seems Las Vegas and Rio Arribia County and state government are always going through some kind of scandal. We have lived here since 1995 and I never have seen so much corruption in government. When I started work here my friends told me, “New Mexico is the land of corruption”. Frank Haley was news director at KOB radio at that time and he gave me the same warning. Well here it is….having moved here in August of 1995 I have had to report on much ugly business. 26 years of seeing people do such ungodly things and breaking the trust of the people that elect them, breaks my heart. Having worked radio in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Indiana…New Mexico gets the award for the most corrupt state, it breaks my heart over and over. I have always wondered why?

New Mexico no stranger to scandal

We all must always stay close to God, We must all seek the face of Jesus everyday. Temptation is always there. Satan wants you and me! You must have a close, personal relationship with Jesus, a Pastor, and a Church. You must have an accountability group, we do, and we thank the Lord for the strong people of God me and Sharon have in our life.

I wonder everyday why New Mexico elects so many anti-life politicians. A state that professes to be Christian, allows the killing of God’s babies, assisted suicide, just passed legalized pot, we have many drunk driving deaths, now we will have pot heads driving and  killing people and, get this, the Legislature passed home delivery of booze, what does that have to do with the doing things God’s way, and the quality of life for our children? Now with the Sheryl Williams Stapleton scandal that reaches into state government and Albuquerque Publics Schools, what does this show our children? Some of my dear friends say this scandal reaches deep into APS. KOB TV reports the FBI and IRS are involved in this investigation. I do not think New Mexico realizes how spiritually sick it is. 

This is so very timely from Adrian Rogers:

Do You Obey the Truth?


“But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.”


There was a theater that was packed full of people who came to hear a great actor. The manager of the theater came to him just before he was to step on the stage and said, “We have an emergency. A fire has broken out in the wings of the theater, and we don’t want the people to stampede. We would like you to go out and tell the people that the theater is on fire but keep the crowd under control and ask them to leave quietly and politely and nobody’s life will be in danger.” When this great actor stepped on the platform, they applauded. He held up his hands to stop the applause, and he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention. I have a serious announcement to make, and I want you to listen very carefully.” He said, “There’s no cause for panic. Everything is under control. But I have been informed that a small fire has broken out in the wings of this theater, and so it is important for our safety that we rise from our seats and carefully leave the building. There’s enough time for everyone to leave in order.” The audience responded with, “Bravo, bravo.” They thought it was a part of the act. “No,” he said, “ladies and gentlemen, this is not a part of the act. There’s a fire. It is important that you leave the auditorium now.” Again they said, “Bravo, that’s even better.” Now with the tears streaming down his cheeks, he said, “You must go.” But they continued on, “Yes, wonderful, wonderful.”

So many times we sit in church and hear truth that way, as if the preacher is some actor and this is some form of entertainment, but we do not act upon that truth. Jesus said when we hear truth but do not obey the truth we’re like a foolish man that built his house upon the sand. And the storms are coming. We must hear and obey the truth.

  • Where is God calling you to act in line with His truth today?
  • How will you respond to show you’re treasuring the truth?


Act in obedience with the truth God has revealed to you today.


“We know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.”


Would you like to find out whether or not you’re growing in knowledge and truth? Let me ask you this question: Are you excited about truth? What new truths are you learning? Are you experiencing freedom in your life? Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32). Are you still in bondage to political correctness, prejudice, lies, the party line, pressures, and fears? It is because you’ve not understood the truth. Are you learning humility? A man who is learning truth doesn’t tell you how much he knows; he tells you how little he knows and how much he has yet to learn. The more you learn, the more you realize that the ocean is so big, and your boat is so small. Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies.

  • Have you experienced the reality that knowledge puffs up?
  • How might you pursue humility, even as you seek to grow in knowledge and truth?


Make a list of the differences between only growing in knowledge and growing in knowledge of the truth.


Rep. Sheryl Williams Stapleton is in very deep, deep trouble. Pray for her Team Jesus, please.

News Release From the New Mexico Senate GOP Leaders:

Senate Republicans Leaders Respond to Resignation of Sheryl Williams Stapleton

SANTA FE – In response to media reports that the House Democratic Leader, Sheryl Williams Stapleton, has resigned, Senate Republican leaders today released the following statement:

“The evidence leveled against the former House Democratic Leader is damning and will further erode the public’s trust in our state government. New Mexico citizens deserve a full and extensive investigation into the allegations brought against Representative Stapleton.”

“Corruption by public officials has long plagued our state and we must send a message that no person, regardless of title or status, is above the law.”

Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca (District 29-Bernalillo and Valencia)
Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt (District 40-Sandoval)
Senate Republican Caucus Chair, Senator Mark Moores (District 21-Bernalillo)

KOB TV has the report:

House majority leader resigns amid corruption investigation

More From the FGGAM Media Center:

New Mexico Law Enforcement Prepares For Pot Sales, Stoned Drivers Will Hit The Road

I think the Governor and her team has bitten off more than they can chew! As I have stated my position over the past several years LEGALIZING POT IS AWFUL!!! This is such a great evil. There will be Pot heads killing people driving stoned. This is all Law Enforcement needs…….more crime and deaths. Pot is bad for the body and it is mind alerting, we have enough of that in this state. Smoked marijuana, in any form, can harm lung tissues and cause scarring and damage to small blood vessels. Smoke from marijuana contains many of the same toxins, irritants, and carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Smoking marijuana can also lead to a greater risk of bronchitis, cough, and phlegm production.

“They said there will be more impaired drivers on the road but unlike alcohol, where they can take a breathalyzer test to figure out if someone is driving drunk, there is no set parameters for cannabis. The department wants to hire experts on the matter.”

Read about it here:

New Mexico State public safety department prepares for recreational marijuana sales to begin

How Pot Affects Your Mind and Body

‘Puffing and driving’: CDC reports nearly 50% spike in motorists hitting the road high

More from the FGGAM Media Center:

 FGGAM NEWS Received this news release late yesterday from the GOP House: 

Senators Greg Baca and Craig Brandt Respond to Governor’s Vax-or-Test Mandate for State Employees

SANTA FE – In response to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Executive Order mandating COVID vaccinations or regular testing for state employees, Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca (District 29-Bernalillo and Valencia), and Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt (District 40-Sandoval), today released the following statement:

“There is no question that the Governor’s heavy-handed, conflicting policies over the past 16 months have contributed to the public angst and cynicism regarding vaccinations. The trust that was lost must now be earned and her continued threats and public shaming will not work.”

“We support our state employees’ rights to make a personal decision about what is injected in their bodies while also supporting a safe and healthy working environment. Both are possible and we urge our state agencies to work with their employees on reasonable arrangements so everyone can get back to serving the public.”

From Yesterday:

Lot’s going on in New Mexico with the Stapleton Corruption investigation and watching the Governors press conference today I feel another shutdown or partial shutdown coming if the COVID cases continue to climb, 400 yesterday. I pray that we do not go backwards, I do not think a lot of people in the state will stand for it. The Governor is very stubborn and that really showed during the press conference, and to me that showed me that she would shut us down again if she wants to. It’s her way or the highway. State employees will be required to be vaccinated or be tested on a regular basis. The Governor has two new Cabinet Secretaries. Also the Governor is sending 50 State Police Officers to patrol the City of Albuquerque because of the continued violence.

12 APS employees placed on paid leave pending  Stapleton corruption investigation

PED secretary steps down, governor appoints two new secretaries

State employees will be required to either be fully vaccinated or get tested regularly

UNM to require masks at Albuquerque campus, other sites

400 New COVID Cases

Laws allow businesses to require vaccinations

50 State Place Officers will be sent to Albuquerque to fight crime

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