I have said for years and years America is in a Spiritual Drought that only worsens. COVID was the tipping point. It is very important that we all invite people to Church! Amen! More and more Americans are staying at home on Sundays. We all must show the love and care of JESUS to the world, we all must carry out THE GREAT COMMISSION! We must be missionaries in our own Country! Amen! What is The Great Commission?
This is very important information that I encourage you to share with you Pastor!

Jason Daye

David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, shared that up to 20% of churches could permanently close as a result of the challenges of the pandemic by early 2022. While it remains to be seen if this prediction will hold true, there is ample evidence that churches are struggling with both keeping people engaged in God’s mission and reaching new people, two critical elements of a healthy church. In the most recent Unstuck Church Report (Q4 2020), churches reported being only slightly down in small group involvement however they showed a 56% decrease in the number of people baptized and a 44% decrease in the number of new people being added to their ministry databases. While tending to the needs of congregants was vital and appropriate at the outset of the pandemic, and ongoing pastoral care is needed, we find ourselves over a year later drifting from the missional call to reach others with the hope of Jesus. Yet it is precisely that life-transforming hope that our neighbors need, and not just need, but it is what they are seeking in these times of uncertainty.

 Now is the time to invite people to Church

What Your Pastor Needs From You (From a Pastor)

This is such a great read for all of us. I serve the smaller Churches and I find the Holy Spirit presence in all! Rural New Mexico folks are the salt of the earth. Our rural areas are facing many challenges, such as declining population, losing their young people. Appreciate your Pastor more than ever folks! Ask your Pastor how you can help the Church! My faith heroes are the Pastors and leaders of the smaller Churches in America!!!! PTL!!!

One of the Churches I fill in from time to time is the First Baptist Church in Magdalena, New Mexico (Pictured above) which is the Church Pastor Paul Holt serves. Pastor Paul and his wife Jo are such awesome leaders in the community, the Church is alive because the TRUE WORD OF GOD is preached! Amen! Such a precious congregation! I have served at the First Baptist Church of Reserve for 9 years on and off as a circuit preacher and have learned so much about God and people and being a Pastor! Better education than any seminary school for sure! I love all the people in Reserve, they have been so super nice to me and Sharon. I also served for 3 years on and off at the FBC in Quamado, and once again I learned much. I also fill in for Pastor Dave Schumm every so often at the FBC in Glenwood. This month I head back to FBC in Reserve twice to fill in for Pastor Sheldon Wolf, and I get to visit by dear friends in Clayton, New Mexico. Pastor Randall Floyd and family at the Assembly of God in Clayton is a Church that shines its light so brightly for Jesus! I am fired up in our Lord to serve! There is a strong core of folks in the Churches that I mention….they keep the light of Jesus shining in their respective communities, Sharon and I love these folks so very much!

By Carey Nieuwhof

If you lead a small to mid-sized church, you face struggles leaders of large churches don’t.

I can totally relate to the dynamics of leading a smaller church.

When I began in ministry, I spent about 3 years leading a small congregation (under 100) that grew into a mid-sized church (under 500) and then grew into a larger church of 1500 I’m part of today. You learn a LOT about leadership (and yourself) at every stage.

I remember the emotions that swirl around small and mid-sized churches. I also have lived through the struggles those congregations face.

Tensions Small to Mid-Size Church Leaders Face 

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