PRAY TEAM JESUS: Wildfires spread across almost 1 million miles of drought-stricken western U.S.


Wildfires spread across almost 1 million miles of drought-stricken U.S.
Raging wildfires continued to blaze across the western U.S. on Wednesday, menacing homes and forcing evacuations.

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Years ago on KKIM Christian Radio Pastor Leonard Navarre stated that a ‘water war’ would come to America, fighting over water rights.

Many  politicians are late addressing this severe issue……I have been warning about this issue for years! But here in New Mexico we have pot and spaceships…and oh! home delivery of booze……..many have dismissed climate change for years!  Not good! Too many ignore the science and turn it into politics! A month ago or so the water department was doing work by our house and one of the men told me, “We are in trouble, our water supply in the long run is not good, sooner than later we will be in trouble.” New Mexico’s Water Problem

Low water levels in Rio Grande worries locals

Wildfires in the West and water supplies: More at risk than you know

Severe drought threatens Hoover dam reservoir – and water for US west
The wellspring of Lake Mead created by the dam’s blocking of the Colorado River has plummeted to an historic low as states in the west face hefty cuts in their water supplies

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“Like a firenado”: Homes burn, more threatened as wildfires roar through West
Major wildfires raged virtually unchecked across the West as an unrelenting heat wave and historic drought turned a wide swath of the US into tinder.

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Experts say Western US now trapped in death cycle of extreme heat, drought, fire
“For our most vulnerable, disadvantaged communities, this also creates compounding health effects.”

Read in The Hill:

New Mexico is a state that runs wild with abortions, assisted suicide, violent crime, child hunger, youth-at risk, tremendous drug addiction problem (but now legalizes pot!) suicides, violent gangs, drug cartel, horrible poverty, drunk driving, (But now allows home delivery of booze!) the list goes on…..I suggest you study up on the wrath of God. America is witnessing the wrath of God

America has a Spiritual problem…. a Spiritual drought, a JESUS problem, because more and more Americans are turning their back on JESUS!

From Dr. Jim Denison:

“Ideological intensity and fragmentation have risen”

Here’s my guess: you probably side with the side you already sided with before the controversy began. If you sympathize with Democrats, you likely see them as fighting for their constituents. If you sympathize with Republicans, you likely see them as abandoning their jobs and thus their constituents.

Here’s another guess: like most Americans, you probably feel stronger about your partisan views than you did even a few years ago. Here’s one reason political passions in America have become much more intense: our religious passions have become much less so. Consequently, the former are replacing the latter.

The Atlantic recently reported: “As Christianity’s hold, in particular, has weakened, ideological intensity and fragmentation have risen. American faith, it turns out, is as fervent as ever: it’s just that what was once religious belief has now been channeled into political belief” (their italics).

Historian Niall Ferguson agrees: “We are dealing not just with the decay of traditional religion, but far worse, the rise of new fake religions, political religions.” (I disagree that the “rise of new fake religions” is “far worse” than the “decay of traditional religion,” but I understand his point.)

He continues: “One thing that’s very clear from the twentieth century is that when people take their religious feelings and they apply them to political ideologies, terrible things can happen.” He references as examples the Nazis who thought of Hitler as the redeemer of the German nation and those today who treat scientists as if they are infallible.

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