America needs Uniter’s not dividers! I have been praying about this message…..I want to be very clear! I am not a Republican or Democrat, I think both parties are responsible for the extreme dysfunction in our Country. (FGGAM is not associated with any political party, we are attached to God Almighty!) I am a registered Independent. I have had a few Republicans of late looking for my endorsement. I will not endorse anyone unless God says so. One year we had a politician put 4 political signs in our yard without our permission! How awful! They went into the trash can. I have had politicians over the years call me on the phone and give me the dickens! Not acceptable! Last week I threw my support to our City Councilor here on the west side, Cynthia Borrego, because I have seen first hand the improvements she has made in our area! I have talked to her many times about situations here on the west side, she always returns my calls. She has worked with the Police to really reduce crime in our area, requested help from police and got security at our near by park and solved the vandalism problem, also she has made many quality of life improvements in our area. We are in the best shape in years here in District 5. I see her fruit everyday! I have been in news since 1978 when I started as a weekend news producer at the Minnesota State News Network. I ended my full-time years in radio 9 years ago this month when the Lord established FGGAM 9 years ago next month! KKIM Christian radio in Albuquerque was news/talk/teaching programs. We had an awesome news staff. I have had politicians lie to me right on the radio or patronize me trying to sway me their way. It does not work with me. I am of God not politics. I am very careful. What is very clear to me as I look at the condition of New Mexico there is a very strong group of Republican legislators who are standing strong for the wonderful, precious people of this state! The common folks like you and me and Sharon. We need to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for standing up for us! I am thankful for the news releases that the GOP sends to me so I can post them. The Dems and the Gov. stopped sending me news releases when Governor Lujan Grisham took office. This group of Republicans that I am talking about have tried to meet with the Governor for a very, very long time to get to get to the bottom of many things. We are talking about a whole lot of money here and other questions of money being spent that need to be answered by the governor. Where is the transparency??!!! These folks are our watchdogs. It is plainly wrong that the Governor did not meet with the GOP until last week….so wrong! I want to thank the GOP leadership for standing strong for the people of this state! I will miss some folks, but I want to  thank Rod Montoya who I have have personally seen in action in past sessions, Gail Armstrong is so very consistent in her service to the people as is Rebecca Dow, Jim Townsend who I have talked with and is steady as it goes, Bill Sharer a longtime servant of the people who I have had on my radio and tv program in the past. These folks I have listed would in my mind, be an excellent governor! I encourage you to vet your candidates with God’s Word and also look and see if they are bearing fruit and not rotten apples of hate and drinking the political Kool-Aid of the last 5 years or so which has been very hurtful to this nation and the Bride of Christ. In my travels more and more people tell me they have had it with both parties and have gone Independent. That was made very clear to me in our travels through New Mexico, Arizona and California. Both parties have exhibited such bad behavior. America needs a godly party, I am very sad that the Tea party was kidnapped and destroyed.


This was first posted on Friday:

FGGAM received these two news releases late yesterday:

Senate Republican Leader and Whip Release Statement Regarding Federal Funding Appropriations, Extraordinary Session


SANTA FE – Following a meeting today with Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, Senate Republican Leader, Senator Greg Baca, and Senate Republican Whip, Senator Craig Brandt, released this joint statement:

“After today’s meeting with the Governor, it is clear we have some common agreement on how federal recovery funds should be expended. Where we continue to disagree is how those funds can be legally appropriated.”

“The state constitution and state law are clear that these funds must first be appropriated by the Legislature before they can be spent by the Executive. During today’s meeting, we urged the Governor to call a Special Session, as she did in 2019, so we can properly appropriate this money and quickly get it to those who need it most. The Governor rejected our request.”

“As such, we have no other option than to join the bipartisan effort to assert our constitutional role as an equal branch of government, and call ourselves into an Extraordinary Session.”

Today’s meeting was the first time the Governor met directly with Republican leaders regarding the federal recovery funds.

House GOP statement re: meeting with MLG

Santa Fe, NM – Today House Republican Leadership met with Governor Lujan Grisham regarding $1.75 billion in federal COVID relief funds. House Republican Leader Jim Townsend (Artesia) released the following statement:

“While we agree that there is incredible need to distribute the $1.75 billion in federal assistance to help New Mexico recover from the pandemic, we disagree that the Governor has unilateral authority to expend these funds. We continue to advocate for an Extraordinary Legislative Session that will allow lawmakers to effectively advocate for their communities instead of allowing the executive to pick and choose where the funds are distributed. We are talking about an amount of money that equals one-third of our state’s operating budget and we will continue to explore all of our possible options, including the calling of an Extraordinary Legislative Session, to ensure the constitutional authority of the Legislature is respected. We look forward to hearing back from our fellow lawmakers in their support to convene in an Extraordinary Session to restore transparency and ensure that every New Mexico community has a seat at the table in equitably allocating billions of dollars in relief.”


Southern Baptist Pastor’s Daughter: This Is Why Young People Are Leaving The Church


Yesterday I was talking with two middle age women and they both do not want anything to do with organized religion! It is a siltation that the Church only has its self to blame! They both also stated that they are neither a Republican or Democrat, they are Independent because of all this hate that has been created by both parties. There is a movement in America, moving away from organized religion and also to being an Independent voter.

I am crushed by this situation. The hate has gone to far. God is not happy. Many fell into the political rat hole and showed an unbelieving world what it wanted to see from Christians! Supporting evil politicians and behaving so very badly. Really people! This is what you want to show your children and grandchildren???? I never thought I would see the day Christians supporting such bad behavior! You think that kind of behavior is what our young people want to be part of…loud mouth, foul mouth, demeaning politicians???? Way to many Pastors have supported this behavior! God knows. Politics is the playground of Satan. The last 5 years or more has been the worst times in American Church history. Great damage has been done to the Bride of Christ here in America by so called Christians.


Jessica Lea

Abby Duren, the 25-year-old daughter of a Southern Baptist preacher who attended Southern Baptist churches for most of her life, does not believe that online infighting is the main reason why Millennials and Gen Zers are not interested in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Duren shared her views in response to a series of tweets from Jimmy Scroggins, pastor of Family Church in South Florida.

“New believers (or in my case, old believers) aren’t only disinterested in the SBC because y’all fight on Twitter,” said Duren. “My generation and the younger one especially are more than familiar with internet discord. It’s not the fact that there’s fighting, it’s what the fighting is about.”

SBC Pastor’s Daughter: This Is Why Young People Are Leaving the SBC

Christians, let’s stop fighting each other and serve our neighbors in need instead

Hospitals, Not Country Clubs: Churches Without the Broken Are Broken Churches

I just got this wonderful message from Angelique La FonCox! WOW! Love this song! Give it a listen please! It brought me much hope and peace! PTL!!! Thank you so very much Angelique! God Bless you and yours! Happy Independence Day!

Happy birthday and Happy 4th of July! I didn’t know you were a patriotic baby!🙂I wanted to share with you a special song that God directed me to share for this celebration of our nation’s birth. Although the Lord gave this song in June of 2004, we didn’t have the opportunity to record it until June 2021! But God’s timing is perfect, so we are sharing it now and hope that it will bless you and your family and you will share it with those who also share in our cry out to God, Jehovah, to heal our land. Thank you, God bless you and Happy 4th!

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