Many politicians think New Mexico starts and ends in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.! Rural New Mexico is often left behind. I thank the Lord for the solid core of elected officials who stand up for rural New Mexico! Please pay attention to what is happening to the ranchers of this state and their cattle. When I was out in Reserve preaching a week ago things had greened up a bit, especially around the Magdalena area. One rancher from Reserve told me he moved his cattle to Magdalena for that very reason. These ranchers do not raise pot, they feed us! Please pay attention to their plight and pray for them, and pray for rain. We need a lot more rain to turn the corner. We also pray against any flooding.

Sad to think that the majority of people in this state favor pot more than the ranchers and other things that are very important to God. LIKE HIS BABIES! END ABORTION NOW!

New Mexico Cattle Ranchers Suffer

GOD’S people suffer when people take their eyes off HIM and make politicians god’s.

Here is a portion of a campaign email I got from Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham! I do not support her!!!  I do not understand why I get these! But, look at how she fans the flames of her flock…..

Sometimes, me, and I am sure sure others, feel like a lone watchman, alerting people of problems and many just shrug it off. It is interesting what the LORD shows me, like the Church starting to lose its salt, which started years ago. We are paying a big price for that. Abortion, drugs, crime, child neglect, corruption in politics, many Christians behaving badly, waving flags of politicians..where are the JESUS FLAGS?? CHRISTIAN FLAGS? The Capitol insurrection, that has done great damage to our Country, many avoid this issue, they are blinded by Satan. Many Christians have made politicians gods….shame. Too many Christians are showing an unbelieving world what it wants to see! MISBEHAVING CHRISTIANS!

The other item we have been reporting on for almost 17 years is WATER, on KKIM Christian radio and now here at FGGAM. Pastor Leonard Navarre started years ago that water would be the next war in America, a war over water rights.

Pay attention please to this report

Experts tell New Mexico lawmakers swift action needed to address dwindling water supply

I know the Governor and her fans think the savior for the state is pot. Very sad.

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