It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Pastor Dewey Moede on his 9th year anniversary in the ministry of the LORD Jesus Christ!

GOD gave me the privilege to meet Dewey about 12 years ago. During these years I have been witness to a man of GOD who, truly, has given his life wholly to the work of the LORD and service to His people.

In a time when so many of the Body of Christ are compromised and, or, distracted by the affairs of this life, I have observed a faithful servant of GOD, who walks in the love and compassion of the LORD with humility, always going the extra mile to help others.

Pastor Dewey, I commend you for your love of CHRIST and for your uncompromising approach to preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of GOD. I know that your emphasis is always to give the LORD glory and to accomplish His will. You are literally fulfilling the mandate for your ministry which is: FOR GOD’S GLORY ALONE!

Happy 9th Anniversary to you, Sharon and FGGAM!


Love and Shalom

Barbara Gould (pictured above) and EMMANUEL Ministries International

FGGAM Board Member

You can donate to the efforts of FGGAM if the Lord moves you to do so, we love you all! For God’s Glory Alone! We are all sold out to God!

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