“I’m Not Afraid to Die”: Billy Graham’s Daughter Finds ‘Triumph in the Darkest Places’



Let us be in prayer for healing for Jonathan and all those that have COVID. They are many others around the world that are getting COVID and in the hospital fighting for their lives. In the last two weeks we have been getting more messages from people asking for prayer for their loved ones. One of my friends from Minnesota got COVID for the second time even thou he had been vaccinated. I do not beleive this evil COVID is going away anytime soon. Another of my friends just got out of the hospital after a very long stay, getting better but a ways to go.

Dr. Jim Denison Reports:

Sharing Jesus in ICU


Please join me in praying today for Jonathan Lotz, the son of Anne Graham Lotz and grandson of Billy Graham. Jonathan is in ICU with COVID-19; Anne asks us to pray that he will not have to go on a ventilator and that he will be fully healed. “Fifty years ago, I could hold my son in my arms,” she said in a post Saturday. “Now I have placed him in the arms of Jesus.”

Last night, she updated her Facebook page with her son’s condition, noting that he sent this text earlier Sunday: “I am physically exhausted yet spiritually overflowing!” He added, “I have had the privilege of sharing Jesus with the ER & ICU staff! What a Savior! God is so good.”

With whom will you share Jesus today?

Anne Graham Lotz

NC evangelical minister, the grandson of Rev. Billy Graham, hospitalized with COVID

Denison Forum

This message is so very inspiring! It preaches! PTL!!!

By Billy Hallowell

Anne Graham Lotz has faced a difficult journey over the past few years. After losing her husband in 2015 and then her father — the famed evangelist Billy Graham — in 2018, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was a harrowing journey filled with painful treatments that left Lotz, author of the new book, “Jesus In Me: Experiencing the Holy Spirit as a Constant Companion,” with spiritual and physical challenges — and life-altering lessons.

“I have experienced triumph in some of the darkest places,” she recently told “The Pure Flix Podcast.” “And I know it’s because of the holy spirit.”

“I’m Not Afraid to Die”: Billy Graham’s Daughter Finds ‘Triumph in the Darkest Places’

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