Don’t Burn Bridges


Pastor Dewey Note: AMEN to this message! I was taught this very early in life by by Mommy and Daddy! Politics is all messed up also, with all these politicians spreading hate against their opponents but no solutions, its all ‘nothing noise.’ Politics in America is burning all the bridges of working together down. Show me a politician who presents solutions, not hate. Ask for their detailed plan! Many on Facebook, including Christians act very uniformed of God’s ways. Politics in America, on both sides of the table is building bridges to hell. Way too many Christians are spreading hate and false information, showing an unbelieving world just what it wants to see. Christians must be accountable to God for their behavior. Building bridges takes the heart of JESUS, you have to show people that they can trust you and that you love them. You cannot just preach to the choir, your followers, your flock, you have to reach those that do not beleive what you beleive, Yesterday I preached at the Clayton Assembly of God on carrying our THE GREAT COMMISSION! REACHING THE LOST IN THE LOVE, TRUST AND CARE OF JESUS!! Politicians and so many Christians need to absorb JESUS commands.


Remember when Facebook was for sharing photos of your children and videos of otters holding hands? Me neither. Social media has become a battlefield of conflicting ideas. A minefield of potentially explosive issues. It has gone from a digital scrapbook to a digital equivalent of a dual. Every post seems to be about the defense of a person or idea and with those who disagree hurling horribly generalized caricatures of who they think you are based on what party they think you are a part of.

Don’t Burn Bridges

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