Why water levels in Southwestern states have some experts concerned, Pacific Northwest scorched in dangerous, record-breaking heatwave


As Sharon, Daisy and I traveled across New Mexico, Arizona and California last week we saw the devastation of the drought. The area around Bakersfield, California was the worst, it looked like ‘death’. We have never seen it so dry there. The land is very parched, the only way I can describe it is it looks like ‘dead land’. We saw grape vines, vineyards dead. The only way anything is alive is from irrigation. You see green patches of land and dead pieces of land as you drive. We are in trouble here in the southwest. Some tell me this is part of the normal drought cycle. I beleive this is far from normal. The climate is changing and we are not prepared. I was talking to Pastor Dave Schumm of Reserve, New Mexico and he told me that he has never seen Catron County so dry. Cowboy Deacon Charles McCargish says in his 75 years in Catron County this is the worst drought he has seen. I am beyond concerned for our farmers and ranchers. U.S. Drought Monitor

I have for months called Church’s to open their doors at noon everyday and ring the bells for prayer to no avail. We pray everyday here at FGGAM for rain.

America is also in a spiritual drought, has been for years.


Wildfires are now just plain normal.

Why water levels in Southwestern states have some experts concerned
Water has arguably become the most precious commodity on the West Coast.

Read in ABC News: https://apple.news/AoPLpyFrAQXyVo9PUaukuwA

‘We’re going to have to get used to this’: Pacific Northwest scorched in dangerous, record-breaking heatwave
Record-breaking temperatures Saturday and Sunday. A risk of heat exhaustion. “We’re going to have to get used to this,” said one expert.

Read in USA TODAY: https://apple.news/AnTq7X8ZpT6CNLqWjMJo2UQ

I posted this today:

The Word of God is found in the Bible not in a political playbook.

America is in a Spiritual Drought, As The Church Goes, The Country Goes……

 I have said for years that America is in a Spiritual Drought! I feel like the lone wolf! The watchman on the wall! The Church in America has been in a Spiritual Drought for years, slipping and sliding away from the Word of God….much of it has drank the political Kook-Aid supporting evil politicians. Just look at the America we have created! As the Church goes, the country goes. As we traveled last week in New Mexico, Arizona and California I was blessed to talk to so many folks! I love people. What I found did not surprise me. We talked to young and old, if you know me, I have never met a stranger! In my first radio job I did ‘on the street’ interviews with people, that is when you get the real story. In my conversations with people, the majority told me they do not go to church anymore. It saddens me, but it backs up the research I have read on Church attendance in America. U.S. Church Membership Falls Below Majority for First Time Why do people leave the Church? The majority said that they were tired of Pastors backing evil politicians. The majority of folks were of the opinion that it is tragic that the Jan. 6th insurrection of our Nations Capitol is not being taken serious by many. The last 5 years or so was just to much for the folks I talked to The report card is in. The Church also forgot about THE GREAT COMMISSION. It has forgotten to ‘hit the streets’. What is The Great Commission? It is a command, not a suggestion

Too much of the Church is showing an unbelieving world just what it wants to see:

The Jan. 6th Insurrection of our Capitol did much more damage to the Church than you may think. It is reports like this on the cations by ‘so called Christians’ that hurt JESUS:

On June 24, three people associated with the Global Outreach Ministries church in Melbourne, Florida, were arrested and charged for their involvement with the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Pastor Jim Cusick, 72, his son and church official Casey Cusick, 35, and church member David Lesperance, 69, were charged in federal court with entering restricted grounds, disorderly conduct, and violent entry of the Capitol building. They were released on $25,000 bond each while they await future court appearances.

Florida now accounts for the most arrests stemming from the Jan. 6 uprising, which left five people dead. Of the 500 arrests made so far, 46 have been Floridians.

QAnon infects churches

Satan Makes Fools Even of Christians

‘Our Lord Isn’t Woke.’ Southern Baptists Clash Over Their Future.

Leaked Russell Moore letter blasts SBC conservatives, sheds light on his resignation

As I get ready to celebrate my 65th birthday on July 4th, I am greatly sadden by the condition of the Church and America. I have the blood of Jesus and I am of the white red and blue of our flag.

Only of America had as much passion for JESUS as it does for politics and sports. All those flags should have been JESUS flags!

One lady in Galt, California told me, “When Jesus returns I picture Him turning over tables in Churches.” Matthew 21:12: Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.

I have seen this coming for years and years.

I have been studying Spiritual Drought for years. This is just one of the studies I have read:

Spiritual drought, though a persistent and unwelcome visitor, is not something with which we must constantly live. There are biblical means by which we can, by grace, put ourselves in the way of refreshment; we can be restored to once again feel the joy of our salvation. But this can only happen if we are able to discern why we might be experiencing spiritual dryness so we can take the appropriate action. With this in mind, I would like to suggest a few reasons we may be experiencing a season of spiritual drought and provide the correlating remedies.

9 possible reasons for your spiritual drought

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