Team Jesus, Please Pray for Pastor Andre Hernandez!


Please be in prayer for Pastor Andre Hernandez of Albuquerque Revival Church. Pastor Andre is such a very dear man of God. Below you will find two posts, one by Andre’s awesome wife Celina and then his own message. Please keep the entire family in your prayers. Pray for complete healing for Pastor Andre and comfort for Celina and the kids and the wonderful congregation at Albuquerque Revival Church!

Celina Hernandez

Hello everyone, some may know this already…..Thursday afternoon my husband had a serious car accident in his truck while in Florida. The truck wheel started shaking and he lost control. The vehicle flipped 2-3 times leaving my husband stuck in the smashed truck. They got him out and he is in the hospital. All the windows shattered and everything flew out of the vehicle, but thank God he remained inside.

Andre Hernandez

Thank you everyone for your prayers and all the messages. I’m sore but not broken. CT scans came back without a single bone breaking. To see my truck the way it ended up when I was able to get out told me without a doubt that I am alive by Gods grace and mercy alone. God isn’t done with me yet. And we will go forward in the name of Jesus!

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