Father’s Day 2021: The Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher


Pictured above is Sharon and I with our grandchildren! PTL!!!!

Bill Glass, former all Pro football player for the Cleveland Browns and founder and Director of Bill Glass Prison ministries underlines and emphasizes the importance of Father’s pronouncing blessings upon their children ALL THROUGH THEIR LIVES. Bill states, “children need a father who speaks the words of love, hope and belonging in their lives.” He continues, “the future of your children and your children’s children and even their children depends upon it.” One my men in our congregation would phone his children EVERY DAY even though they were grown and say, I LOVE YOU. I THINK YOUR TERRIFIC and I’M GLAD YOUR ARE A PART OF OUR FAMILY! The man is down in heaven but his daughter told me, “oh, how I would love to hear my Dad say those things again. They encouraged and blessed me so much. I felt SO SPECIAL!”

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