The Army of GOD Arises!!! EMI Missions Summit 2021 is upon us, May 14th and 15th

We are praying for a mighty movement of God during this years EMI Missions Summit! We thank our Dear, Dear Sister in Christ, Apostle Barbara Gould for the information! We love you Barbara and Apostle Sonia Haylett! Barbara and Sonia are pictured above! Angels of God!!!
The Army of GOD Arises!!! Join us at Open Door Ministries, 1301 3rd Street SE. Any questions, please call: 505-489-9772 or 347-512-1621.
EMI Missions Summit 2021 is upon us– Friday 5/14 at 6:30pm & Saturday 5/15 at 10:00am. Join us at:
OPEN DOOR MINISTRIES, 1301 Third Street SW. as the Army of GOD declares & demonstrates the greater GLORY of GOD!!!

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