Skillet’s John Cooper: ‘Woke Theology’ Is Causing a ‘Civil War’ in the Church




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Lead signer for the popular band Skillet and outspoken Christian rocker John Cooper blasted critical race theory (CRT) in a recent interview with Fox News.

Not one to shy away from biblical truths and what he is learning, Cooper said in the interview that the “woke ideology” of CRT has seeped into the American church.

Civil War in the American Church

Skillet’s John Cooper: ‘Woke Theology’ Is Causing a ‘Civil War’ in the Church


By Leonardo Blair, Christian Post Reporter FacebookTwitter

A year after reporting the largest single-year membership decline in more than 100 years, churches in the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, lost more than 400,000 members in 2020 and set a new record for the single-year decline amid the coronavirus pandemic and a bitter culture war.

The Annual Church Profile report shows membership in SBC congregations declined by a staggering 435,632 in 2020, more than 50% higher than the 287,655 members the denomination reported losing from 2018 to 2019.

SBC church membership suffers new historic 1-year decline of more than 400K

Evangelical Christianity Is Seen As ‘an Absolute Joke,’ Francis Chan is urging leaders in evangelical Christianity to encounter God and to make worship sacred and reverent again

Pastor Dewey Moede: It breaks my heart….it certainly is not happening in Churches that I preach at or so many of the Churches my Pastor friends oversee. The problem is that way too many Churches in America are not preaching the gospel, I have said that for years and we are paying a deep price here in America. For far too many Churches money has become so important, among other evils. Many have made the Church a business. Here at FGGAM we ministry to many folks that do not belong to a Church. The top reason is they do not think the Church is effective in America in changing the Country back to good and that it has become way too involved in supporting ungodly politicians. They also see the Church as a divider, not a Uniter.

During the week I talk to several people, it will be 9 years since we God established FGGAM as a nondenominational ministry. We have reached over 7 million people for God’s Glory Alone. God told me when He established FGGAM, to reach one person at a time. I have found in the almost 9 years, and before that at KKIM Christian radio, people are hungry for LOVE AND TRUTH! If you build bridges of love to the people searching, and then share the truth, in most cases it is well received.




Stephanie Martin

As the church heads into what he calls “a new season,” pastor and author Francis Chan is urging leaders in evangelical Christianity to encounter God and to make worship sacred and reverent again. In a message last week at the Exponential Reset Summit, Chan addressed the recent wave of high-profile Christians who have “deconstructed,” or left the faith. He also encouraged pastors to focus more on the vertical nature of faith and worship.

Evangelical Christianity: So Many Are ‘Walking Away’

At this year’s online Reset Summit, speakers addressed ways to “lead with confidence in the post-COVID church.” Chan spoke of the troubling trend of well-known Christians who have publicly abandoned the fold.

Evangelical Christianity Is Seen As ‘an Absolute Joke,’ Warns Francis Chan

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