Building Solid Friendships


Pastor Dewey Moede Note: I had to post this picture of me and Pastor Paul Holt. Paul has been by our side even before our days here at FGGAM. Pastor Paul volunteered many hours to help bring the truth of our Lord to KKIM Christian Radio which I managed for 8 years, and then God moved me and Sharon to FGGAM 9 years ago this coming August, Pastor Paul and his lovely wife Jo where right there for us, at all times!! TRUE GODLY FRIENDS! PTL!!! PS: At one time we did TV ministry, tat is where this picture is from! Maybe again some year if the LORD says so!


May 29, 2021

Building Solid Friendships


Proverbs 27:5-9

Friendships are precious. Acquiring quality companions—who laugh with us in good times and stand by us during hardship—requires shared commitment and an investment of time and energy. Here are some ways to maintain a solid friendship:

• Transparency. We must be honest and encourage honesty in return. Transparency that is tied to accountability can also help make each individual a better person. A solid relationship allows each party to gently point out errors in the other’s life and offer loving correction.

• Time. Genuine friendship takes time. We must be willing to put aside other obligations and give priority to moments spent together. Quality time includes sharing our thoughts and desires, but we should also ask questions and listen.

• Thanks. Expressing thanks when friends are helpful will show that we’re grateful for them. Moreover, we affirm our love when we remember an occasion that is special to them or communicate how much we enjoy a certain aspect of their personality.

Being a good friend is a way to serve the Lord. He designed us to be in relationship with others, so we should give our best to every companion God places in our life.

Bible in One Year: Nehemiah 11-13

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