A Generational Blessing… Angel’s Prayer of The Day


A Generational Blessing…

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. I wanted to share this story with you once again. I know I am full of stories, but it’s my life and I love it.  It’s been several years now, on a Friday evening I attended a Joan Hunter Ministries meeting in Houlton, Maine. They were giving away CDs to whomever could yell Norma loud enough. (She was the women handing out CD’s.) I had a cough and my voice is soft to begin with, but somehow, I received the CD, Release the Writer Within You by Wendy Walters.

I couldn’t help but laugh as my friend Laurie that was sitting beside me, leaned over and said I didn’t hear you say anything. The man sitting behind me Pastor Mike Freeman had tapped me on the shoulder when they announced the name of the CD and said I want to hear you yell for that CD. Something supernatural must have happened because we were sitting near the back and I couldn’t yell, but a writer I am.

I listened to the CD several times and listened again as I drove the hour south to attend her Mother’s Day service. In the CD Wendy mentioned about the mantles in the bloodline that we are born in. I had to do a little research to find out about my bloodline previously, but I can proudly say, I came from a rich bloodline. Rich not in money or in earthly wealth- but a spiritual wealth that cannot be measured.

My mother’s mom (my grandmother) in whom I never met, was a midwife. Whenever a baby was going to be born, they would call for my grandmother June. Although, not a certified midwife-her experience gained her the many calls to deliver babies morning, noon and night.

My own mother Bernice (the womb God had chosen for me to be born) imparted to me more than I know today. She passed away when I was barely eight. As I grasped for any memories of her, everyone I inquired told me the same thing. She was the kindest woman you would ever meet. As I was her 14th birth (my mind has a hard time to wrap around this) I am thankful she chose to give me life. I am thankful she was my mother for those eight years. Although, I know she was not perfect and her life wasn’t easy, she gave me more than anything money could buy. She chose to give me life and she imparted to me a spiritual heritage that I will continue to follow.

In addition, I have had my own journey in life now and I understand things a little different. Women, teenagers, families sometimes make quick decisions. They may feel scared, are fearful and make decisions many come to regret. I love to bring these folks to the healing waters of Jesus Christ. God is not mad at them; He loves them and wants to make them whole once again. He died for all our sins, the sins of the whole world. I love to see the change in their countenance when Christ sets them free. I wrote a Bible study for women that have suffered such a loss. Hugs to you today, for I have been there too.

Let’s Pray:

Father, thank you for every woman across this globe today. Thank you for the women that chose life, may Mother’s Day be a great celebration for them.

Father, we pray for every woman that have suffered loss, through miscarriage, death, or abortion. Bind up their wounds and make them whole again, as only a Good Father can. Oh God, for every woman across this globe that has been believing you for a child, bring them their hearts desire, we pray. Set up divine appointments from your throne room for fruitful wombs and adoptions, we pray.

Father, we pray a special blessing over every woman this Mother’s Day. May they be thankful for the womb in which they were born, thankful for life. May the love you have for them go deeper in their heart today, we pray. Amen.

Have a blessed day beautiful woman of God. Jesus loves you and desires to journey life every day with you. He has a special plan for your life, the Jeremiah 29:11 plan. Yes, you!  Believe…

P.S. You were created in His image and He calls you Beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day… You Are loved!


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